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Merging Units: What You Need To Know

These days, steel units are used in a wide range of applications including shipping, storage and conversions. Merging boxes can help you maximise space, reduce costs and customise your structure to match your exact requirements. With that in mind, here are the key things you should know about merging shipping units.

Benefits of merging units

Freight boxes are often used as a basis for conversion projects, i.e., shipping pop-up homes or offices. Most units come in standard sizes of 10ft, 20ft or 40ft and have a standard width of 8ft. This can prove to be an issue when you have a large space to fill. Merging units allows you to create a custom structure that meets your space requirements. Joining units allows you to create a more spacious, comfortable and functional unit. Often, these units are merged side by side to create a bespoke home or to utilise the available floor space and create extra storage capacity. Merging units is still cheaper than building a property using traditional materials like brick. Plus, it encourages upcycling and helps to protect the environment from pollution.

How to merge:

In order to merge two or more units, an experienced engineer must cut away the long sides of the unit. The openings are then reinforced using steel tubing. Once this has been completed, the units are placed side by side to create one large unit. This is referred to as a clear span. The units are joined together using bolts and welding to ensure that they are secure and cannot move. It is essential that the units are perfectly level and sealed to prevent any water leaks or damage. Large structures often require extra reinforcing columns to make sure that the overall structure is safe. It is always advisable to contact a professional company if you are interested in merging two or more boxes. In most cases, containers can be separated to facilitate easy transport if the units need to be moved to a different site.

Have any questions?

Merging containers allows individuals and businesses to create the ideal structure that they desire. Joining multiple units together will create a larger and more functional unit and allow you to utilise your available space. Merging containers is relatively straightforward, but you will require the assistance of a specialised engineer. Our team has over 40 years of experience in selling, hiring and shipping container conversions. Give our friendly advisors a call if you have any questions about merging containers or general queries.

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