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New vs. used shipping containers: What’s the difference?

New vs. used shipping containers

When considering the purchase or hire of a container there are many questions you may need answering. Here at S Jones Containers, the friendly, experienced sales team will take care of you every step of the way, and ensure you are confident that you have made the right decision.

One of the first things you will discuss is new vs used, and always remember there isn’t a right or wrong choice! This will be down to your personal requirements, and choosing the correct solution to your storage problem.

Aesthetic Appearance (condition of unit)

A new shipping container doesn’t mean you are getting a unit straight from the factory. These units are referred to as single trip, where containers have been manufactured in the Far East, but transported to the UK, they do come with cargo in, unloaded and kept within a UK depot until sold/hired. These containers are the newest sort of ISO container you will locate in the UK. If appearance of the container is an important factor, then new containers will be the better choice for you, as there will be little evidence of use. These new shipping containers will be a solid 1 colour and free of shipping logos, cosmetically be in a great condition, and will have a life span of 20-30 years if they are maintained well.

Used shipping containers are what they say on the tin – used. These have been previously bought, hired and shipped multiple times, they will have life experience! All used shipping containers will be guaranteed to be wind and water tight and fit for purpose. They will however, carry blemishes, dents and surface rust and generally look like used containers. Some used containers will also carry their branding or markings on the side from its various means of transportation. These units are ideal for those who are less concerned with the overall look, and instead are searching for a container to serve their need for storage. The life span of a container is approx. 20-30 years and a used unit will already be about half way through its life.

Shipping container cost

Your budget will be a deciding factor between new vs used shipping containers.

The cost of a new shipping container will be more than the cost of a used shipping container. just like a car – new will always cost more than used. This will be down to the aesthetic appearance and age of the shipping containers as mentioned above.

If you’re on a tight budget, a used container would probably suit your budget better. You can choose to smarten the appearance by re-spraying the container a colour of your liking, this could be your company branding, or a more neutral colour to blend into the environment.

Additional Considerations

The design of new shipping containers has developed with market demand, and most new shipping containers will now be supplied with a higher specification than a used container. New shipping containers will more often than not (dependent on model) come complete with up to 10 vents to help with airflow, factory fitted lock boxes, waist high locking bars and forklift pockets. If these additional features can provide benefit to you or your organisation, it’s worth considering the benefits of a new shipping container. However, some of these features, such as a lock box, can be added to a used container. At S Jones, we can help to maintain that the total cost will still meet with your budget.

Where to hire or buy shipping containers

S Jones Containers offers you the ability to hire new and used shipping containers, as well as expert advice and guidance on the best type of container for your business or personal needs. Alternatively, you can buy used and new shipping containers from S Jones with the same professional direction from our friendly team.

For more information about shipping container hire or purchase, read our buyers guide.

Alternatively, contact us to find out more about your new and used shipping container needs, and a member of our expert team will be happy to help.

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