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Preparing Your Business for Events Season

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28th April 2021

As we come into events season, it is likely that we will be seeing more and more events being held outside than usual. If you have an events company, now is the time to be gearing up, getting the staff, equipment, and other plans in place to ensure that you can maximise the season and ensure that they all run smoothly.

As part of the equipment that you might need for a successful events season, a cargo unit could be an excellent option. Whether you are hosting a wedding, a music festival, or a book launch, they can be used in several different ways, from the storage of events paraphernalia to a bespoke conversion for a bar, kitchen, exhibition stand, or sanitary unit.

For Storage

Storage units are designed and built to carry cargo around the world in a safe and secure manner. They are essentially a large metal box that is strong and robust and can be securely locked. This makes them ideal for the storage of any of the equipment that is needed for your events company. This could be tables and chairs, catering equipment, decorations, or other niche equipment.

Depending on the kind of storage that you are wanting to use the unit for, you could also have racking fitted, or get some self-assembly shelving for easier storage and to keep things organised. Secure locking systems can also be fitted to protect its contents from thieves, vandals, or inquisitive people.

Although heavy, they can be moved by trucks, which is also useful as they can be taken between different venues if you need them to be.

Converting for Catering

There are several ways that a converted unit can be useful on the catering side of an events business.

A hatch, doors, and windows can be created for access, ventilation, natural light, and serving customers (or communication with serving staff). Insulating lining can be applied for temperature control as well as allowing items and decoration to be attached to the wall. You can also fit electricity and lighting to enable the space to be used as a kitchen, bar, or if you join several shipping containers together, a guest seating area.

In addition to this, you could fit racking, work surfaces, and all of the appliances that you need to be able to carry out your catering pursuits in your converted unit. Ramps can be fitted for step-free access for wheelchairs, deliveries, or ease of access for serving staff.

You can also get your bespoke conversion professionally painted to match the event’s theme or your business’s branding.

Converting for a Sanitary Unit

Depending on the location of the event, it might be necessary to provide toilets, showers, and handwashing facilities. A cargo unit can also be converted into a sanitary unit that caters to this. You are then able to disconnect it from the water, pick it up, and move on to the next event if you wish.

A sanitary unit can be fitted with toilets and showers, electrical power, and waterproof lining if you need it. It can be delivered to the site ready go, with just the connection to a water source needed. Windows, personnel doors, and ramps can also be added for access and to make the sanitary unit comfortable for those who are using it.

Available in a range of different sizes, including the 10ft container, 20ft container, and 40ft container, giving you a great degree of flexibility over its size.

Converted Exhibition Stands

If your events business has a niche – anything from photo booths to cinemas, to a virtual reality flight simulator, it can be housed in a bespoke conversion. You can also use it in its capacity as an exhibition stand, allowing you to display information, use it as a payment processing area, a mini stage, or use it for whatever means is required.

Again, these can be fitted with hatches, windows, doors, and insulation. They can also have electrical power installed and storage racking if you need it. In addition, they can be professionally painted to ensure that it matches the branding or look that you want.

They can provide an area that is sheltered from the (often) unreliable British weather, whether it be sun or rain, with an electrical supply to charge mobile phones, or as a break-off area at a wedding party.

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