Qualities Of Fire Resistant Containers

Converted shipping containers are used for many things these days, from housing to modular classrooms to lithium battery storage. And one of the most important aspects of them is the fact that they are resistant to fire. This means that they can be extremely useful in many situations.

How are Shipping Containers Fire Resistant?

Shipping containers are essentially metal boxes. They have been designed and built to be robust, heavy-duty, easy to stack and protective of their cargo. They have also been designed and built to withstand extreme weather conditions and be easily transferred between different modes of transport. And all of this helps the shipping container to be fire-resistant.

Shipping containers are designed to protect their contents and this means that they are pretty airtight. As fire needs air to burn, this also makes it difficult for fire to spread. In fact, research shows that any fire within a shipping container is unlikely to spread to anywhere outside of it.

Uses of Fire Resistant Containers

It is, of course, desirable for almost anything to be fire-resistant, especially if it is being used to house items or people. And this is one of the reasons why converted shipping containers are a great option for many different uses.

Using second-hand shipping containers is an eco-friendly and innovative way to create new temporary and mobile buildings. From temporary hospital buildings to plant rooms, designers are seeing the benefits of using shipping containers like giant building blocks, thanks to their flexibility and safety features.

By customising a shipping container, you can get some of the fire resistance benefits with your own design of the building.

Another common use that we are seeing for shipping containers is as a fire-resistant container in itself, such as one that houses lithium batteries or liquid energy. It is essential that these containers are resistant to fire according to government regulations, so shipping containers are the perfect solution.

Creating a Fire Resistant Shipping Container Conversion

If you are in need of a space that needs to be fire-resistant and are considering converting a shipping container, you can speak to our professional design team to design your perfect space. Computer-aided design technology can be used to help with the design and give you a visual representation of what the final product will look like.

You will also have the choice of container size – ranging from a 10ft shipping container to the extra high cube 40ft container. Remember, however, that they can also be joined together or stacked on top of each other for a larger space, if you need it.

Your fire-resistant shipping container can also be fitted with racking to help secure any machinery in place and keep things organised and easy to find. You can also have detailed control over the ambience inside your shipping container with temperature and moisture control, for example.

Another option that you have is to have your container professionally painted or vinyl wrapped to match your company brand.

If you are looking for a fire-resistant space to house machinery or other items, then a converted shipping container is a great solution. Not only do you get a fire-resistant building, but you can also design it to perfectly suit your specific needs.