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Revolutionising Sports Storage

Whether you have a sports club that caters to a range of different sports, or a club that only practices a specific sport, there is always going to be a time when you need some extra storage space. With space being increasingly limited and sports clubs often needing extra storage at short notice, finding new and innovative storage solutions is always a bonus.

There are several reasons why a sports club needs additional storage solutions – both on a short term or a long term basis, and these can include:

  • For the storage of games and training equipment between training sessions and matches
  • For the storage of match and training equipment out of season
  • For the storage of extra kits, junior kits, and spare kits
  • For the storage of the machinery needed to keep the pitch in good condition – mowers, bull-dozers, line markers, etc.
  • For the storage of spare chairs, tables or other furniture required for events 

Although much of this storage may be for a relatively long term, it is still important that you are able to access it easily when it is needed.

Shipping Containers for Sports Storage

Buying a shipping container to store your sports equipment or any other objects can be an excellent solution to your storage problems. They can be flexible, customised to suit your specific needs, and allow easy access to your objects when you need them.

These are generally available in six different sizes – 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft, with high cube options in each size, meaning that you can choose a size that suits you and your specific needs. They have also been designed to be stacked and joined together, meaning that if you are looking for extra storage space, you can simply join them together to create a larger volume that can be filled. This means that you should be able to accommodate objects of any size, from spare tennis balls, to spare cricket kits, to goalposts.

Customising a Shipping Container

There are numerous ways that you can customise your shipping container to help it to suit your needs as a storage option. You can add energy, windows, and doors to create a space that is easier to spend time in – even converting it into changing rooms if need be. You can add shelving, racking, and temperature controls if need be.

You can also choose the best size doors in case, for example, you are looking to use one to store large machinery such as sit-on mowers or bulldozers.

It is also possible to use specialist painting techniques to make your container look the part as well. Whether you want it in keeping with the rest of the other buildings to help it to blend in, or fancy decking your new storage unit out in your club colours to make a feature of it, it can be professionally painted in top quality paint.

One of the most important aspects of having a place to store your sports club’s important objects is that it is safe and secure. High strength locks can also be fitted as well as alarms if you feel that it is necessary.

These are a great option when you are looking for storage solutions for your sports club’s equipment. Being robust and secure whilst giving you the ability to customise it in the manner that you wish to, means that you can get a bespoke storage unit that is perfect for your specific situation.

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