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Secure Storage & Dispatch Office Conversions

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17th September 2020

Space is of the essence in the world today and as businesses expand, it can be both a massive upheaval and very expensive to find and move to new premises. One solution that we are increasingly seeing is the use of shipping container conversions to create more space.

The use of shipping containers as building blocks to create areas such as secure storage and dispatch offices is ideal. They are heavy-duty and robust, securely locked, can be moved and, importantly, can be customised and adapted to perfectly suit your requirements.

Secure Storage Conversions

If you are needing more secure storage space, a conversion can offer you a strong, lockable space that has been specifically designed to protect its contents from extreme weather, thieves and vandals. You have a range of sizes to choose from, between 10ft and 40ft, but these can also be joined together to create a larger space.

Some of the adaptations that can be made include:

  • The addition of personnel doors or roller shutters for easy access
  • The addition of ramps to help to move stock and machinery in and out, as well as provide wheelchair access
  • The addition of lighting and electricity
  • Locking systems for enhanced security
  • Control over the interior environment, such as temperature and humidity
  • The addition of racking to aid with the organisation of storage
  • Branded, professional painting or vinyl wraps

As long as the unit has a solid base – such as concrete slabs or railway sleepers – it can be placed almost anywhere. This is another bonus for your business, especially for the storage of products or parts.

Dispatch Office Conversions

Shipping containers are now being used for a wide range of buildings that are occupied by people as well. We are now seeing homes, restaurants and classrooms being made, and offices are also on the rise.

Several things can be done to turn your humble unit into a dispatch office – or any other office, including:

  • The addition of doors and windows for easy access and more natural light
  • The addition of ramps for easier wheelchair access
  • Connection to water systems for sanitary reasons and toilets
  • Secure locking systems to keep your office equipment safe
  • The addition of interior lining for insulation
  • Self-assembly shelving or built-in racking for better storage
  • Built-in worktops or desks
  • The addition of lighting and electricity
  • Professional and branded painting or vinyl wraps

When it comes to designing your modular office, it can be difficult to visualise how it is going to look, and this is imperative in creating the best design for your needs. You can use computer-aided design technology with our design team to help visualise and create an effective and well-thought-out office for your business. Whether you are looking for a secure storage space, a dispatch office, or something else, the beauty of a container is that it can be easily adapted to suit any of your needs. With some help from our design team, you can create the perfect space for your business that is cost-effective, useful and good for the environment.

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