Secure Water Treatment Housing with A Container

Ensuring that our water is properly treated is vital to a country’s environmental health, as well as the population’s personal health. It is essential that we have water that is suitable for drinking, is free from harmful contaminants and that wastewater is also dealt with properly. Although water treatment systems are the key to ensuring that our water is properly treated, it is also important that it happens somewhere that is secure and protective.

Using a shipping container to house your water treatment system is the perfect solution. A customised water treatment container will protect your water treatment system while allowing access to personnel, ensure that the space is well ventilated and cooled, and is suitable for the heavy machinery that some water treatment systems consist of.

Shipping Containers Protect

Shipping containers have been designed to carry (often) precious cargo around the world, often on long-distance ships that bear the brunt of everything that Mother Nature has to offer. This includes severe weather conditions like rain, wind, and temperature extremes, as well as potentially having to withstand enormous amounts of pressure from around.

Getting a shipping container to house your water treatment system is, therefore, the ideal solution to finding something that will adequately store and protect it.

Customising your Shipping Container

Although there are many things that a shipping container can do on its own, for it to be suitable to house a water treatment system, it is recommended that you make a few alterations. Converting your shipping container is easy and can be done before it is even delivered to the site.

Adding a Personnel Door to your Shipping Container

To make it easier for operatives to get access to the inside of your shipping container and water treatment system, it is recommended that you add a personnel door. You do, of course, have the option of using the traditional opening as well, which makes it easier to get the machinery into the container in the first place.

Customised doors can be securely locked just like any other door, ensuring that your water treatment system is fully protected.

Ventilation and Cooling your Shipping Container

When housing your water treatment system in a shipping container, you will need to ensure that your shipping container is well ventilated and properly cooled to prevent your system from over-heating. These features can also be added during the customising process.

A Range of Sizes

The amount of space that you need to store your water treatment system depends on the size of your system, so this can vary greatly. One of the best things about shipping containers is that they are available in a range of different sizes – typically from 10ft to 40ft. However, due to their design, shipping containers can also be stacked or attached side-by-side to accommodate water treatment systems of any size.

Other Benefits of Using a Shipping Container to House your Water Treatment System

There are also other reasons why people are deciding to use shipping containers to house their water treatment systems. These include:

  • They require very little preparation or planning to install
  • They can literally be picked up and moved to anywhere that is suitable
  • They take up very little space that is not being used

Thanks to their secure and robust structure, and a high degree of flexibility, a converted shipping container is the perfect solution for housing your water treatment system. And by knowing what you need, you can ensure that your shipping container is perfectly customised to make it an effective place to store the system.