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Shipping Container Bars – Revolutionising Your Drinking Experience

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21st August 2020

Bar and café owners have been looking for ways to stand out, to find their niche, make their drinking establishments look great and on-brand, all whilst keeping their costs as low as possible. We are also seeing a trend in pop-up bars and restaurants. Street food is all the rage and independent, characterful bars – with a nod towards sustainability and eco-friendliness – are favourites amongst British drinkers at the moment.

What is a Shipping Container Bar?

With the expense of renting premises, especially in city centres, we are seeing an increased amount of pop-up bars and cafés, which are temporary buildings and can be moved relatively easily. This doesn’t mean, however, that it can’t be unique, branded and, well, not boring.

A converted shipping container is a perfect way to revolutionise your bar. You have flexibility over its size and shape and where you are going to put it, it can accommodate all the mod cons, and you can use it to create the best drinking experience possible for your customers.

Designing your Shipping Container Bar

Modified bars and cafés can include a number of features, including inside and outside seating, extra storage room and racking, intricate lighting and energy, water supplies, bathrooms, and wild decorations or accurate branding.

Creating your bar also gives you the flexibility of it being weatherproof and easy to move, if you wish. It can be classed as a semi-permanent structure.

Floor Plan

When you are designing your modular bar, you should first think about your floor plan. How big do you want it? Do you want seating both inside and outside? Do you want to serve your drinks from a hatch? How much storage space do you need for stock, glasses and kitchen appliances?

You can buy a container in one of three different sizes to meet your needs, as well as the area that you have to fill. These are 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. Remember, however, that they can also be stacked on top of each other, as well as joined side-by-side, to increase the amount of space that you have and create natural-looking separate areas.

In order to have a detailed visual idea of how your bar can be set out, you have the option of working with a design team and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) technology.

Doors, Windows, and other Necessities

You will need to convert some parts of your new or used unit for it to be used properly as a bar. These include:

  • Personnel doors so that staff (and customers, if you require) can easily access your bar
  • Windows or hatches to serve, depending on your design and requirements
  • Energy and lighting to meet your requirements
  • Racking and shelving for storage
  • Ramps to allow ease of deliveries and wheelchair access
  • Insulating wall linings to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Decoration, Branding and Eco-Friendly

One of the best things about creating a bar from a scratch is that you have literally a blank box to work with. This gives you almost complete flexibility over what you make it look like. Professional painting, vinyl wraps and any other decoration that your imagination can create are all possibilities with a storage container bar. This means that you can not only get your bar looking great, but also completely on-brand.

Another advantage of using once-used or second-hand units is that they are eco-friendly. In their first life, they are used to transport goods around the world, but they can then be reincarnated as something altogether different, like a bar – and that weathered look looks pretty good too.

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