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Using Shipping Containers for Event Space

Whether you are looking to sell vegan food at a festival, set up an artisan coffee stall in a busy spot, or are wanting to display your work at an expo, having a useful yet great looking stall is vital. You need it to look the part, display your brand perfectly, yet be functional in the way that you want to use it, and almost certainly make it portable. You might want it to be temporary, robust, and flexible.

Finding a way to meet all of these criteria when it comes to the structure of your stall isn’t always very easy, but one of the best solutions that are available to you is to hire or buy a shipping container. These can be converted generally or in a bespoke way to give you the functionality that you require, as well as your desired aesthetic. This will ensure that it fits in well both in terms of how the space works, as well as your specific branding if you wish.

Customising your Shipping Container

There are numerous ways that you can customise your shipping container to ensure that it works for you. If you are setting up a stall to serve food and/or drinks, for example, you could consider the following amendments:

You can also get extra strong locks and padlocks to ensure that your belongings are kept and stored safely and securely when you are not there.

Why Use a Shipping Container?

The use of these as temporary or semi-permanent installations has boomed over the past few years. And it’s not just due to the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and easy to customise.

They are robust enough to be moved between locations – perfect if you are doing the festival circuit and can give you a blank canvass to work from in terms of branding. They are sustainable and allow you to help to reduce waste, are cost-effective, can be delivered quickly, and can be made to suit your specific needs.

Professional shipping containers painters can use high-quality paint to give it the exact finish that you are looking for. You can also get units in a range of sizes between 10ft and 40ft – and if this is too small, you can stack them or join them side-by-side.

This gives you complete flexibility over the features of your stall, it’s size and shape, visual impact, and, consequently, how much you spend. There are also second-hand options which will also help to bring down the cost if you wish.

The Shipping Container Conversion Process

If you have decided that converting is the way that you want to go, the process is very simple. You will be able to discuss what you are looking for with a design team, who will talk you through what is and what isn’t possible. They can use CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology to give you a 3D image of how the final product will look and once that you have agreed to it they will set about creating it.

Once it is ready it will be delivered to the site and ready to go.

Using a shipping container as a stall at a festival, outdoor space, or exhibition is the ideal solution. It is easy to brand, decorate, customise, and can be functional, fit in with your brand, and be moved easily.

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