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A Guide To Shipping Container Groundworks

When expecting the delivery of a shipping container, it is important to ensure that you have prepared the ground ready. This process is commonly referred to as “Groundworks”  and entails preparing the ground for the delivery or installation of a container.

What base does the container need to have?

Unlike the building of a home or larger scaled construction, a unit base is easy to set. We strongly advise it to be sited on a hard standing as, if it was placed on soft ground, including freshly laid tarmac, it may sink. Due to their size and manufacturing, it can only take a couple of mms for the doors to rack and make them more difficult to open – which can lead to issues when using the container for its initial application.

You won’t require a hard-standing base for the full dimensions, just the 4 corners. We strongly advise using 2×2 concrete slabs or railway sleepers to create a solid foundation for these corners.

Does the ground need to be level?

The ground needs to be level, otherwise you will experience issues with the doors. Use concrete slabs or railway sleepers to make it as level as possible. We would also advise having some spare slabs or packers on site as a precaution. When delivery commences, the driver may have to pack a corner or two, to ensure the doors are fully operational and fit your requirement.

Do S Jones carry out the ground works?

Unfortunately, the groundworks are the responsibility of the customer. We have prepared an article discussing shipping container foundations here.

I have a drain cover where I want my container is this ok?

No, we would always advise you do not cover any drain covers, or anything on the floor that may require access. Although they are portable, it is best to not frequently disturb the foundation you have laid. Ensuring you have the right base is key to making the most of your shipping container. A solid basis will ensure its stability and longevity.

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