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Shipping Containers: The Versatile Storage Solution for Construction

A functional building site relies on precise organisation and planning. Construction work is particularly time sensitive and is subject to a specified end date, so the quicker a project can start the better.

One way construction site managers can optimise efficiency is with shipping containers. Containers offer a mobile, versatile, and secure solution to storage on building sites. Modified containers, such as site accommodation units, can also be a great way to offer turnkey solutions for staff facilities with a quick turnaround.

This versatility is what makes a container well suited for industries like construction, improving efficiency on site without delaying projects or adding unexpected costs to the overheads.

Advantages of using containers on construction sites

Quick delivery straight to site

Construction sites are temporary and progress on site can move at a rapid pace. This requires adaptable solutions for onsite storage and facilities. Storage units need to appear quickly when needed and then vanish just as fast when the project moves on to the next phase.

Shipping containers are a valuable asset in this fast-moving world. Unlike traditional building methods, shipping containers arrive on site ready-to-use, helping projects stay on schedule and preventing costly delays.

Easy to transport

Compared to permanent buildings, shipping containers are highly mobile. Built for transporting cargo, containers can be quickly loaded onto trucks and hauled between projects, eliminating the need for construction companies to invest in multiple, static buildings scattered across numerous sites.

This portability makes shipping containers a cost-effective and versatile solution for construction companies of all sizes. Thanks to its flexibility, a container can serve multiple purposes throughout the construction phase, and then be easily transported to the next project.

Safe and secure storage

Construction projects have a lot of equipment and materials stored onsite for extended periods. Traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ storage solutions are often unavailable and expensive, making security a challenge.

Due to these expensive materials being stored onsite, construction projects are attractive targets for theft and vandalism. Losing equipment and materials can bring projects to a standstill and cost companies a significant amount of money. Even with ‘just-in-time’ deliveries, short-term secure storage is essential to protect equipment and materials while work progresses.

Containers are a secure and robust solution for storage on building sites. The steel structure offers protection against the elements, sheltering the equipment and materials stored inside. Fitted with lockable cargo doors, shipping container storage will deter potential criminals. Additionally, security can be further enhanced with a padlock shroud, which encases the lock and makes it much harder to tamper with.


Building a static storage space is not only impractical for a temporary site, but it’s also expensive. You’ll need to pay for materials, labour, and permits upfront, which is a huge, wasted cost to go towards unseen temporary structures.

Shipping containers are the budget-friendly solution. They have a much lower initial cost, making them an affordable option for construction companies. Plus, you can finance the purchase or rental if needed.

For long-term projects, buying a container is a one-time expense that saves money in the long run. For shorter projects, consider renting a container or onsite accommodation with flexible rental terms.

Using containers for staff welfare

Construction sites are busy and demanding environments. We’ve established that to keep projects on schedule and within budget requires meticulous planning and organisation.

A successful construction site isn’t just about deadlines and materials; it’s also about your people. A happy and well-rested workforce is a productive workforce. That’s where hired site accommodation units come in.

Hired site accommodation units offer a cost-effective and versatile solution to the challenges of staff welfare. There’s a wide range of temporary site accommodation units available to hire including:

  • Offices: Provide a clean and bright space for site managers, supervisors, and administrative staff to work.
  • Canteens: Create a dedicated space for workers to relax and eat their meals.
  • Changing rooms: Ensure that workers have somewhere secure to store their belongings and change out of their work clothes.
  • Shower / toilet units: Perfect for remote sites that do not have access to permanent toilet facilities.
  • Multi-faith prayer rooms: a dedicated space for reflection and prayer away from construction noise.

By hiring staff welfare units for your site, you can create a more motivating working environment for your staff, which will lead to improved morale, productivity, and safety.

It goes without saying that shipping containers are a fantastic solution for construction sites. They’re quick to set up, move around, and be utilised for staff facilities. By using shipping containers, construction companies can complete projects on time, save money, and simplify logistics.

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