Streamlining Shop Fitting with Shipping Containers

Shopfitting can be a complicated process and a logistical nightmare. Whether you are revamping your existing retail unit or are moving into a new one, you will often come up against common challenges, like where to store stock and furniture, how to ensure that materials arrive at the right time and how to make enough space to get the work done.

All of these challenges can make the process a lengthier one than it needs to be and, as they say, time is money, especially when you are renting expensive retail space.

One way that you can help to overcome these challenges and streamline your shopfitting operation by making it quicker and easier is by using shipping containers.

Shipping containers are flexible in the ways that they can be used; they can be bought new or second-hand, they can be hired, and they can also be converted to meet your specific requirements.


One of the biggest challenges that is faced is the issue of storage, whether it is the storage of stock, shop furniture, or materials. Shipping containers are also known as storage containers, as they are perfect for storing and protecting belongings and cargo. They are available in 10ft (560ft³), 20ft (1160ft³), or 40ft (2360ft³), as well as having an extra high cube option.

Shipping containers are tough and secure and have been built to protect their contents from all types of weather, as well as thieves and vandals. The entrance to a shipping container is big enough to fit machinery, pallets, and furniture in, and it can also be securely locked with a heavy-duty, cut, and rust-proof padlock.

All of this makes a shipping container the ideal solution for your storage needs whilst doing a shop fitting.

Streamlining Workflow

A great benefit of using a shipping container to store your building materials is that you are less reliant on companies delivering them on time. If you have space to store materials, you can order them in advance, keep them in your shipping container, and then you have them at hand whenever you need them. This can save you valuable time and money during the fitting.

Office or Workshop

Another good thing about shipping containers is that they can be easily converted into an office or workshop. You can customise your shipping container to fit it with electricity and lighting, include windows and doors, have it painted professionally, fit it with racking or shelving, and get it insulated to make it a nice environment to be in.

You can speak to a design team, stipulate what your requirements are, and, with the help of Computer-Aided Design technology, design the perfect office or workshop space. This means that office work can be done with limited interruption and materials can be cut, sanded and amended without the noise and mess inside your shop.

When you are fitting a shop, a little extra space is always useful. A shipping container allows to you essentially extend the amount of inside space that you have, with all of the accessories that you need, whilst keeping its contents safe and secure and allowing you to streamline the whole operation, saving you time and, consequently, money.