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The Benefits of Container Workshops

Converted shipping containers make perfect workshops. Designed to transport cargo by sea, they are robust, wind and water tight, and secure. All of which are necessary features for a functional workshop building.

What makes converted units unique is that they are flexible in design. With bespoke modifications, you can adapt your unit to work exactly how you need it to.

A Container Woodshop or Workshop

A major benefit of using a container as a workshop is the flexibility in design and layout. Needless to say every workshop has different needs and requirements. It’s important that your workshop is practical for whoever needs to work in the space. Using a container as the workshop ‘shell’ enables you to design a unique space that is functional.

Investing in a custom container workshop is more cost-effective than a bricks-and-mortar unit. A brick building needs a budget for both labour and material costs. Alternatively, a container will have a set cost. The supplier will complete the work within a designated time frame and at a set, quoted price.

From worktops and storage, to lighting and electrics, a converted container provides a custom workshop that suits you.

Secure Storage Solution for Tools & Equipment

Steel shipping containers provide a secure way to store specialist equipment and tools. Containers are constructed from robust and durable steel. They are expected to safely transport goods across the world via boat, so are built to be strong and reliable. They can certainly withstand the unpredictable British weather!

Using a container lock will increase security measures for the unit. A CISA Security Container Padlock is a great choice for container security. Its insurance regulated and made from carbonitrided solid steel with a nickel-plating treatment. The lock is also cut and drill resistant, making it hard for anyone to attempt a break-in.

A lock protector, such as our ‘Contain-A-Lock’® Padlock Protector and Lock, reduces the risk of tampering. A padlock protector is a heavy-duty shroud that encases the lock, minimising the risk of break-ins – especially important for containers that are being used as workshops with expensive tools and equipment inside. Contain-A-Lock is also slim, making it difficult for thieves to try to use tools on it.

Designing a Functional Container Workshop

Building your own container workshop can be a tricky task. A container conversions team, such as S Jones Containers, can help design your perfect workshop.

It’s important to think about the day to day use of your workshop in order to create a functional floor plan. Advanced planning will help decide the best placement for windows, ventilation or extractor fans, and doors. It will also give you an idea of how much space your workbenches and shelving will need and, therefore, the best place to put them inside the container.

It goes without saying that electrics should be installed into your workshop. Lighting can easily be fitted inside a container, and will make working much easier when it’s dark outside! Sockets positioned near workbenches are also useful for any power tools you might need to use in your workshop.

Our conversions team at S Jones Containers can help make your dream workshop come to life. We can advise on the best container size, relevant fixtures and fittings, and for your project. We can also provide floor plan designs using our in-house CAD capabilities.

Functional Workshops from S Jones

S Jones have worked with many customers who have tasked us with creating bespoke, functional workshops in a range of industries.

We worked with Staffordshire County Council to create 12 workshops for their enterprise site, Silverdale Enterprise Centre, from 40ft containers. The customer specified that the units needed to be robust and comfortable work spaces for potential tenants.

Our conversions team insulated each unit with OSB3 Sterling board and fitted the workshops out with electrics, including bright lighting and practical power sockets. We also fitted a durable workbench in the far end of each workshop.

The transformation was completed by replacing the standard shipping container cargo doors with double glazed French entrance doors.

If you’re interested in a shipping or modular unit to create an office or workshop, speak to our experienced team at S Jones who can recommend the best solution for your business needs.

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