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Using Shipping Container Housing For Lab Equipment

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21st August 2020

Regardless of the work that you are carrying out in your laboratory, it is likely that you will have expensive, important and often irreplaceable equipment. It will need to be properly protected in the right environment from weather, damage and thieves.

Finding the best place to house your lab equipment, therefore, is very important. Losing or damaging it can not only be costly but also potentially harm the quality of the work that you are carrying out in your lab.

Different lab equipment sometimes needs different environments to be kept in, so it is important that wherever you house it is not only protective from outside influences but also flexible in terms of the inside environment.

Why Use a Shipping Container to Store Lab Equipment

A converted container is a perfect place to store your lab equipment as it satisfies all of the criteria that you have. Our units have been crafted to be perfect for storing and moving their cargo safely. This means that not only can you house your lab equipment there, you can also move it between sites or within a site safely and securely if you need to.

Robust and Protective

Shipping containers are made from a metal frame with metal sides, top and floor, meaning that it is durable and robust, and extremely protective. They are designed to be used on long-distance ships, carrying and protecting their cargo over thousands of miles and facing all kinds of weather extremes, from the sweltering hot to the freezing cold, gale-force winds and much more.

This means that there are very few places on earth where it can’t be placed to house and protect your lab equipment.

The entrance would normally be big enough to fit your equipment through, so you wouldn’t need to dismantle anything to get it in, and the doors can be securely locked using a heavy-duty padlock and padlock protector to help to deter and prevent thieves from getting in.

Our units are available in several different sizes, including 10ft (560ft³), 20ft (1160ft³), and 40ft (2360ft³), as well as a version of each with a high side.

Customising a Shipping Container for Storage

Of course, depending on your equipment, you will have different wants and needs from your new unit. Some will require no customisation at all, whereas others will require some adaptation. There are several ways that you can customise in order to make it the perfect storage facility for your lab equipment.

Internal Environment

If you need to have control over the internal environment of your shipping container, there are several ways that this can be done. Internal insulating lining can be added to ensure that the inside temperature doesn’t get too hot or too cold, or controlled air conditioning or heating can also be added to give you total control.

There are also ways that humidity and moisture can be controlled, including the use of moisture traps and drying crystals.


Another concern might be access to the shipping container. In its traditional form, it has a large door at one end. If you have heavy and large equipment, then it might be useful to fit a ramp to help with access.

Likewise, if you have smaller equipment and are expecting people to be going in and out of your container, you might wish to consider adding a personnel door. This makes entering and leaving easier for people and it can easily be locked.


Depending on the equipment that you are looking to store, you may want to consider adding some shelving or racking. This enables you to store more, in a neat and accessible way.

Whatever your needs are when it comes to housing your lab equipment, a converted used container is the ideal solution. It can be easily adapted to suit your needs, whilst being robust and protective, as well as good for the environment.

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