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What Are Container Floors Made Of?

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16th December 2020

Cargo units are largely considered to be one of the most well-built and durable structures in the world. They are usually constructed from corrugated steel, which is one of the strongest metals on earth. The flooring of these units must be extremely strong to safely withstand heavy loads. For instance, a 20ft unit can weigh up to 44,000 lbs once loaded. Most units are constructed from full steel, except for the flooring, which is built from heavy-duty wood such as plywood.

What are the floors of a container made from?

Most floors in these units are made from heavy-duty wood. Our floors are constructed of loadbearing 30mm marine plywood, which is placed over steel floor bearers. The wood panels are varnished with a protective coating before being fitted in the units to ensure that any bugs or pests are eliminated.

How are shipping container floors constructed?

In most cases, the base of the unit is manufactured using a sheet of steel. This is then cut to size before being sanded and corrugated to improve the overall strength and durability of the structure. Square tubing is placed around the edges of the steel sheet to give it even more strength. Typically, the unit is then sent to be primed and painted before the wooden floor beams are fitted.

Once the unit has been painted, the wooden beams are placed over the steel floor bearers to create an even flooring. Then, the wooden beams are secured using a drill and screws. Finally, an angle grinder is used to sand the floor and ensure that there are no rough edges.

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