What are the Most Suitable Uses for Each Size of Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are versatile structures that have a wide range of transportation and storage uses. Containers can also be converted into bespoke buildings such as offices, homes and temporary businesses. Shipping units come in different designs and sizes to suit a variety of applications. The right container for you will depend on your intended use, budget and so on. Below, we are going to discuss the most common container sizes and their most suitable uses.

10ft shipping containers

10ft shipping containers are the smallest containers that we offer for hire or purchase. They are ideal for meeting storage needs in confined spaces or adding extra capacity to self-storage sites. To give you an idea, a standard 10ft container can typically accommodate the contents of a small one‐bedroom flat or 2‐3 bedrooms. A 10ft shipping container can also be converted into a small container office or another specialised enclosure such as a walk-in cold room or workshop. We stock both new and used 10ft containers at our depots across the UK. These are ready to ship, and we offer hassle-free delivery as standard. We also offer 10ft high cube containers for sale that are ideal if you require more capacity than a standard 10ft container. These offer all of the features of our standard containers but stand 300mm higher. Our 10ft high cube containers provide an extra 2 cubic meters of capacity compared to our standard-sized 10ft containers.

20ft shipping containers

20ft containers are our most popular units as they offer ample space for storage and can be used to ship goods overland or overseas. A 20ft container will usually accommodate around 25‐28cbm worth of goods inside. This equates to approximately 8 large pallets or 16 small pallets. 20ft units can also provide the ideal base for moderate conversion projects. They can easily be converted into an office, home or temporary business such as an alfresco bar or café. All of our containers feature a fully welded all-steel construction, with floors made of loadbearing 30mm marine plywood over steel floor bearers. Our 20ft containers correspond with ISO container regulations and we offer hassle-free delivery throughout the UK.

40ft shipping container

40ft shipping containers are the largest containers that we offer for rent or purchase. We recommend a steel 40ft container when you need to transport large shipments or require significant storage space. A 40ft shipping container has approximately twice the capacity of a standard 20ft container. This means it can typically accommodate around 54‐58cbm worth of goods inside (16 large pallets or 32 small pallets). A 40ft steel container can also provide the ideal basis for large conversion projects. All of our 40ft units are structurally sound and feature accessible doors and heavy-duty flooring. You also have the option to purchase a 40ft high cube container if you require a little more capacity than that offered by a standard unit.

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