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What is the Capacity of a 20ft Container?

A 20ft container is typically 20ft long x 8ft long x 8ft6in high. This translates to an internal capacity of 1,165 cubic feet, or 33 cubic metres. With this space, you can fit 11 EUR pallets with dimensions of 120cm x 80cm.

What fits in a 20ft container?

Using just data it is hard to visualise what the capacity of a 20ft container means for your needs. To help you understand in more real-world terms, we have compiled information on what you could fit in the capacity of a 20ft container:

100 Washing Machines

Just to give you an idea of the 20ft container capacity, 100 standard-size washing machines would put your container at full capacity.

This makes 20ft containers ideal for stock overflow for white goods retailers. And washing machines may not be the only large household appliance in there either – dishwashers and tumble dryers will also fit.

Everything you need for a 2-bed flat

That’s right –The capacity of a 20ft container can hold all the household goods you’d need for a 2-bed flat. From lamps, tables and chairs to smaller items such as newspaper racks, notepads, paintings, ornaments and pretty much everything down to a toilet brush, you could fit it all in one of our 20ft containers.

So, if you’re considering moving to a 2-bed flat, why not do it in one fell swoop?

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200 Double Mattresses

If you do the maths, a 20ft container’s capacity could store enough mattress space to sleep 400 adults.

60 Fridges

On the subject of household appliances, you could store everything in one of our 20ft containers – even the fridge.

Retailers who stock appliances may require one of these containers for goods such as fridges. Another example would be university halls of residence. If the halls are brand new and being fitted with kitchens, the accommodation company may require a container to store appliances while the work is carried out.

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400 Flat Screen TVs

Hotels with a large number of rooms requiring TVs may use containers for this purpose during refurbishment.

In terms of the internal measurements of a 20ft container, you’d get approximately 2.33m in width with a length of 5.87m (just over 19ft) and a height of 7ft 9inches.

7,344 Gallons of Water

If you’re wondering “How much weight can a 20ft container hold?” this statistic should give you an insight.

Our 20ft containers can hold 2.4 tonnes, which approximately equates to this vast amount of water.

Hopefully, those examples have given you some insight into what fits in a 20ft container. Lots of businesses requiring storage and shipping containers ask us what they can fit in each size, as it could vary depending on the type of items they want to store or ship.

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