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What Is A Reefer Container, And How Do They Work?

A reefer container is simply a refrigerated shipping container. A reefer unit transports perishable goods, such as pharmaceuticals, fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and fresh flowers.

For businesses that trade with perishable items, a reefer unit can become an essential storage solution.

Reefer Containers Explained

Reefer units can maintain a specific temperature during transport no matter the outside conditions. Despite the name, the temperature in a refrigerated unit can be set high or low – a reefer unit typically offers temperature ranges from -25°C to +25°C.

Perished goods at room temperature will spoil quickly, costing businesses money. Cold storage prevents this as it extends shelf life by maintaining the optimum temperature for perishable goods.

A reefer unit not only optimises storage space, but also increases space so businesses can hold more perishable stock with less risk of it rotting. Businesses can also save money by buying stock in bulk and storing it safely inside a reefer container.

Reefer containers are available in different sizes to suit your business needs.

How Does A Reefer Container Work?

Whether they are being used for transport or storage, a reefer container must maintain the same temperature to protect goods inside.  Reefer units rely on a land-based power source but can also run on a diesel-powered generator while in transit. 

The floor of a reefer container is different to a standard container as it has a “T-floor”. The t-shaped floor decking design enables the container to channel chilled air from the bottom of the unit. This helps maintain cool airflow around the container and cargo.

Reefer Container Maintenance

Maintaining your reefer container prevents performance failure and reduces the risk of goods perishing.

It goes without saying that it’s important to keep a reefer unit clean and in keeping with excellent food hygiene practices. Carrying out a regular removal of dirt and odours inside and outside of the container also provides the opportunity to check machinery is functioning to correct industry standards.

We recommend that an experienced engineer carries out any structural or machinery repairs. One way to ensure peace of mind that your reefer unit will work at optimum performance is to hire a unit. A hired unit often comes with breakdown and/or maintenance cover, so you can rest assured your unit will be looked after.

Hire A Reefer Container From S Jones Today

If you are in need of a refrigerated unit, we have reefer containers available for customers to hire at S Jones Containers. No matter if you have short or long-term needs, we can provide you with the correct refrigerated unit for your business.

All temperature-controlled units supplied by S Jones are covered by 24/7 emergency breakdown cover, and our units are commissioned by expert refrigeration service engineers. We can supply alarm and safety features to help the operator when using the reefer container. We can also add remote temperature monitoring, which will alert you by email or SMS if the temperature changes.

If you need advice on reefer units, please get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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