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What is an ISO Container?

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15th August 2022

An ISO container is a shipping container that complies with International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) criteria. This means that an ISO shipping container will always be the correct size for safe and efficient transportation as it has strict, standardised dimensions.

Benefits of an ISO Container

Opting for an ISO shipping container comes with a number of advantages. Using a standard size for all containers ensures units are all the same size and shape, enabling the safe and efficient transport of goods. This also works well for large storage sites, or specialist conversion projects that need containers to be stacked.

Additionally, ISO specifications guarantee quality and that the unit is fit for purpose. An ISO container is built to be wind and water tight so the contents inside are protected from extreme weather during transit or storage. ISO containers also have structural integrity and can be loaded and stacked on and off ships, lorries, and trains.

Types of ISO containers

There are many types of ISO shipping containers available on the market that cover a range of shipping and storage requirements. Take a look at the various types of ISO containers below to find out which is best suited for your needs:

Dry Storage ISO Container

A dry storage ISO container is a standard shipping container, typically available in 20ft, 40ft or 40ft High Cube. A dry storage ISO container provides suitable general purpose storage for a range of goods.

Refrigerated ISO Containers

Refrigerated ISO containers are temperature controlled units that can be used for transporting and storing perishable goods, such as food, drinks, and flowers. Refrigerated ISO containers are usually available in 20ft and 40ft.

Open Top ISO Container

An open top ISO container is commonly used for goods that need to be crane loaded from the top, rather than through the usual standard container doors.

Flat Rack ISO Container

Flat rack ISO containers have open sides and no roof. These are used for transportation of heavy materials, such as timber or metal, or vehicles that need to be driven on to the flat rack.

Open Side ISO Container

Open side ISO containers have doors along the long, 20ft/40ft side. These containers are suited for retail displays or goods that need loading through the side.

Tank ISO Container

A tank ISO container is a stainless steel, cylindrical unit fitted inside a standard 20ft frame. It’s used for safely transporting liquids, powders or gases.

Ventilated ISO Container

Ventilated ISO containers are built with vents in the sides to allow airflow around the unit. These containers are used for goods that need ventilation during transit.

Buying an ISO Container

In need of an ISO container? With more than 35 years in the industry, the team at S Jones are more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you so that you avoid any unforeseen problems.

We offer high-quality ISO containers at competitive prices, ideal for static, secure on-site storage, modification, and transporting cargo – please speak to our experienced sales team who can recommend the best solution for your container hire or purchase needs.

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