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Why a shipping container should be part of your shop fitting equipment

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15th March 2023

For any shop fitter space is a restriction – in an industry where project delivery times are tight, off site storage could cause significant delays if the materials or furniture that are required to complete a job, or conform to customer’s change of mind, are not to hand.

So how can you create extra storage space on site that won’t disrupt the project, and provides a secure and substantial enough hold for all necessary equipment and materials throughout the duration of the job?

The answer is a shipping container.

Here we will demonstrate why a shipping container should be part of your shop fitting equipment – from the practical features, to the potential for customisation and how your container supplier can support you in completing your project within time and on budget.

The issue of space for shop fitters

A lot of equipment is required on site – from expensive tools and dangerous machinery, to the extensive rolls of wire and other necessary supplies. Leaving these in shop premises overnight is dangerous for any staff who may need to move the heavy or sharp equipment, and increases the risk of theft.

The stock – valuable stock needs to be removed from the premises and be stored safely and securely to avoid any damage or loss which you as a fitter could be liable for.
Existing furniture and hardware – tills, refrigerators, tables and chairs – all items that will remain in the premises post refurbishment will need to be removed from the premises to avoid damage, and be stored safely and securely.

The new fixtures and fittings – the customer can’t risk delivery of new furniture, signage and lighting being late. If such fittings can be delivered early and stored on site, you as a fitter have greater control over the completion date. But clean and sizeable storage space is required.

The timings – during refurbishment, delays to open or re-open dates result in a loss of custom for your customer, but a lack of space to work efficiently will prolong completion.

How a shipping container provides the solution

New or used shipping containers can be hired throughout the duration of your shop fitting project – delivered to the site when needed, and collected when not. Once delivered, a shipping container provides a secure, weatherproof unit in which to store all necessary equipment and materials.

20ft shipping container provides a loading capacity of 32 cubic meters and with a height of 7.5ft, you will have the capacity to store larger items including doors, windows and frames as well as signage. 10ft and 40ft units are also available, but of course, the decision on the size of unit required depends on the location of the shop, the amount of storage necessary and budget. Each of these factors should be addressed by your sales advisor at your container supplier. Find out more about their role below.

The size and structure of shipping containers isn’t all that makes them an ideal solution however. Other benefits include:

  • Any excess storage space that is not used within your container can provide additional work space. Worried about the excess saw dust build up within the premises? Use your shipping container workshop to cut materials and more.
  • If your unit is going to be on the site throughout the duration of the refit, its appearance is important. All containers for hire at S Jones are well maintained and can provide an inconspicuous storage solution in any location.
  • purchased container can be customised with additional shelving, access, weatherproofing and lighting to make it an even more useful addition to your projects.
  • Your container’s security can be improved even further with the addition of purpose-built container padlocks.

The important role of your supplier

To get the full value from your container, you need to choose the right supplier. But more significantly, your supplier will also impact the speed in which you can complete your project. The most important things to consider when choosing a container supplier are:

  • Industry knowledge – your sales advisor should advise on the size of container you need. They will address all the areas which impact your choice, from storage contents, to location and budget. Our team are standing by to advise.
  • Reliability – you need your container delivered on time and collected on time to reduce lead time on your project. It’s important that a site survey is conducted before delivery – be sure that your supplier provides this service.
  • Regular communication – requirements can change right up to the last minute, so it’s vital that all parties are aware of any changes in delivery schedule, size changes and more.
  • Budget management – choose a supplier that provides flexibility of payment terms to suit your budget.

We supply over 100 shop fitters with contained solutions. With dedicated account management provided and over 80 years of experience in the industry, we’re ready to support you in every project.

Shipping containers could also be the future of shop fitting

Due to their versatility, shipping containers are now being utilised for a number of commercial operations, including retail space. Our conversions team are regularly asked to create storage container shop buildings, from events stalls to more permanent retail spaces.

These pop up shipping container shops open up a new market for shop fitters, with retailers looking at more cost effective premises to sell from. They really could be the future of shop fitting. Contact us today to learn more.

Make cramped, inefficient shop fitting a thing of the past with a shipping container from S Jones. Get a quote from us today.

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