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Why Freelance Consultants Need a Container

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23rd November 2020

The trials and tribulations of working from home are something that many people will be familiar with, especially after the past few months. But for freelance consultants, this is just everyday life. Finding a quiet place to work, where you can cut out the day-to-day family life and concentrate on your work – and, of course, separate your work life from family time – is imperative to your productivity as well as your mental health.

And this is why anyone who spends any degree of time working from home needs a shipping container. These are huge steel boxes that are designed to carry cargo on ships, trains, and lorries, around the world. They can be stacked neatly onto ships then easily moved between other modes of transport, reducing the need for unpacking and packing, and keeping their contents safe and secure.

But there’s more to a unit than that. Once they have finished their life as a conventional shipping container, they can be repurposed – often for storage, but also into a building like a garden office.

Why Choose a Shipping Container?

If you have space, converting one into an office is a great option. They can be placed anywhere that you can put down a solid base for them, and that can be accessed by our delivery lorry (although we also recommend putting it somewhere as sheltered as possible).

A shipping container as a building solution is a great option as you have a high level of flexibility over its design, they can be mobile (and therefore move with you if you wish), are cost-effective and robust, and are an eco-friendly option as they prevent an old and used units from being thrown away.

Converting your Shipping Container into an Office

If you have decided to look into buying and converting it into an office, the process is simple and gives you an almost blank canvass to work from.

Depending on the size of the space that you have – and the size of the office that you want, there are three standard sizes that you can choose from – 10ft x 8ft, 20ft x 8ft, or 40ft x 8ft. If you are looking for space that is bigger than this, two or more can also be stacked on top of each other or joined together side-by-side.

Since it is essentially a steel box, you can then work with our specialist design team to design your shipping container office. Of course, the way that you decorate it and kit it out is down to you, but there are a number of features that we can add during the fabrication process, before delivering it to your site.

We can add personnel doors and windows for easy access and natural light. We can add an insulating lining to help to keep the modular office cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We can install lighting and electricity, ramps, in-built racking or self-assembly shelving, and secure locking systems. We can also offer professional painting and vinyl wraps.

Once that your office has been constructed by our fabrication team it is then ready for delivery. You will be allocated with your own account manager and can check up on its progress throughout the process.

A garden office not only looks great – modern, but in a retro style, but it is also good for the environment, cost-effective, and can be moved if you wish. And it helps to keep those pesky distractions at bay – whether you are in work time or family time.

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