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Science Laboratory Container for Aerosol Research

A Research Group from King’s College London are using a shipping container converted by S Jones as a fire emissions testing chamber.

Landscape burning, which clears land for agricultural development, or stubble burning is used extensively in many developing countries. The smoke released contains both gases and particulate matter which both have climatic impacts together with the latter directly reducing air quality and impairing human health.

The research aims to quantify the global impact of these practices to stimulate regulation and hence reduce the negative climate and health effects.

The S Jones Containers Conversions team was approached by David Green, a Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London to design and deliver a bespoke solution to safely house the research test equipment and sampling laboratory.

The resultant design was to split the 20ft container into 2 internal rooms.

The first was the ‘burn room’ with cargo doors and a slide opening roof which allowed; the loading and removal of test samples, the safe evacuation of smoke/fumes and enable filming of the sample under test from above .

The second room was the ‘operations and test sampling room’. This had emergency personnel door access and a specialist high temperature extraction and filter system. This allowed safe and controlled sampling of the emissions from the test piece in the burn room.

The burn room and bulkhead were constructed of non-combustible materials able to withstand relatively high test temperatures.

David Green commented, “We have found S Jones Containers a very professional organisation to work with. Their design and engineering expertise has allowed us to specify and create a bespoke solution to our needs. “

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