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Rachel Haycox

24th January 2020

My professional experiences range from my start in a retail role at young age before moving into Hospitality where I was a Hotel Manager for many years. I was then an Account Manager for a Serviced Office Brokerage Firm so, naturally, I have always had roles where Customer Service is key, and where my focus has been on making sure my customers are happy and looked after. It’s so important to me and I really enjoy it!

As a result, it’s extremely important to me that my clients at S Jones Containers have the best treatment in their container search from start to finish, whether face to face or via phone and email. I always want to make sure I am guiding customers through their search process correctly and advising on the best solution using my advanced knowledge of the industry, as everyone’s needs can differ slightly. It is up to myself to make sure I listen to this so I can help even more.

I have been with S Jones Containers for nearly 6 years now, and I am one of their most experienced Account Managers. One of the main reasons I have been with the company for so long (other than loving my job!)  is you really feel that ‘family run vibe’ and they want to look after you. In return, we  happily look after you….our customers

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