Storage & Shipping Container Accessories For Sale

Whether you are using a shipping container for storage, shipping or other personal or commercial applications, we have a range of shipping container accessories available to ensure you get the most from your container purchase.

Our shipping container accessories cover the following five categories:

  • Shipping Container Security
  • Shipping Container Functionality
  • Shipping Container Insulation
  • Shipping Container Capacity
  • Shipping Container Accessibility

Added Shipping Container Security

Whatever you use your container for, its contents will often be of significant value to you and/or your business. To protect your container from unauthorised entry, consider our CISA container padlocks. These robust shipping container locks are made from hardened steel, making them cut resistant. They also feature a pick and drill resistant barrel. Enhancing security further, our patented Contain-A-Lock® Padlock Protector hides your lock behind a 4mm thick steel case to prevent damage to or loss of the lock.

Explore our range of shipping container security locks and covers below.

Increased Container Functionality

Take full advantage of your container’s versatility and capacity. Our range of shipping container accessories include container lighting and electrical packages, as well as partitions to transform your container into a functional workshop or shipping container office for extra on-site office space. If you’d prefer natural over artificial lighting, our shipping container conversions team can also include container windows. All container accessories can be professionally fitted by our experts, so contact us today to discuss personalisation opportunities and how we can bring your vision for a container to life.

Shipping Container Insulation

Protect your container’s contents from the elements. Fully insulated containers are achieved with our container lining solutions, moisture capture crystals and moisture traps. In preparation for colder seasons, when condensation can be a problem in containers, we’re able to provide a full range of solutions for keeping storage containers dry and your contents safe.

Shipping Container Capacity

With S Jones, you can rest assured that you will achieve maximum value from your container investment. When you’ve picked the appropriate size of container for your application, optimise the use of your space with a range of container racking solutions.

Shipping Container Accessibility

If you need regular access to your storage unit or shipping container offices, we can provide additional personnel doors, container ramps, steps and mezzanine stair-platforms (for stacked container assemblies). These container accessories improve access to your container while maintaining high levels of security, as our shipping container security accessories are fully compatible with other accessories in our range.

Explore Our Range of Shipping Container Parts & Accessories

Whether you’re looking to alter your container’s use or are simply looking for shipping container spare parts, you’ll find the right shipping container accessories for your needs at S Jones. Simply click on the relevant option below for more details or contact us for further assistance.


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Just a quick note to say that your shipping container is the best thing I have bought out of my children’s centre budget.  We wouldn’t be able to manage without it and the anti-condensation treatment was worth every penny as well as the lock.

J.T, Children's Centre, Bradford