Intermodal Container Hire

If you are looking for an intermodal shipping container for short or long term rental, we have a range of containers that you can hire.

Hire An Intermodal Container Today

Whether you are looking for a temporary storage space or a longer, term solution, our intermodal shipping containers are weather-proof, strong, and robust, and available all over the UK.

We can offer a range of 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft intermodal containers for rent, giving you a safe and secure space from one of our localised depots.

If you are unsure about which intermodal container to hire, our experienced and knowledgeable team are ready to help you, but if you are thinking about buying a shipping container, click here for more information.

Why Lease an Intermodal Container?

Intermodal shipping containers are ideal for storage of all types, but it is often the case that you don’t need storage space forever. By renting your intermodal container you can keep it in a temporary space, paying only for as long as you need it, before giving it back.

This is not only cost-effective for you, but also better for the environment as the container can be used over and over again.

Another reason that you might wish to hire a shipping container is if you are thinking about buying one. By leasing one of our range of standardised intermodal containers, you can get a better understanding of the size that would suit you best when you buy one.

How Much Does an Intermodal Container Rental Cost?

The cost of an intermodal container varies depending on a number of different factors. The size of the intermodal container, how long you are going to rent it for, and the number of intermodal containers that you are hiring are all factors in the price.

You can find out more about our rental prices by checking the quote builder and entering your specific details or speaking directly to our team.

Intermodal Container Hire from S Jones

Hiring an intermodal shipping container is the perfect solution for all of your storage needs. Whether you are looking to store belongings whilst your house is on the market, have seasonal equipment to store, or maybe a child going away to university, an intermodal container is protective, heavy-duty, and hardy.

Your intermodal container can also be securely locked with one of our robust locking systems to keep your belongings safe.

Here at S Jones, we have a range of intermodal shipping containers, from 10ft to 40ft in size, suitable for short-term or long-term domestic or commercial storage.

Get In touch with our team for more information about our selection of intermodal containers that we have available for hire.

Container Hire FAQ’s

Where Do You Offer Hire Services?

We offer our container hire services throughout the UK thanks to the reach of our local depots.

What Size Shipping Containers Are For Hire?

We proudly stock 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers available to hire.

What Size Container Do I Need To Hire?

This is dependent on your requirements for a shipping container, for larger scale requirements we would recommend our 40ft containers.

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30th Jun 2021

Having never ordered a shipping container before Scott couldn't be more helpful…or patient! The ordering process was easy, even for me and the communications were first class. Charlotte was very attentive and professional when it came to confirming delivery details. The container arrived as expected, when expected. The entire process from quote to delivery was flawless. Our newly painted container now proudly sits, waiting to be loaded! Thank you all.

30th Jun 2021

The staff at S Jones containers are extremely efficient, friendly and helpful. We have ordered a number of containers from them and on every occasion their service has been excellent. Their containers are competitively priced and the quality of the conversion into self storage units if of high quality

14th Jun 2021

Friendly and helpful service , despite us being new customers and only every likely to place one order with them.

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