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7 Biggest Misconceptions About Living In A Modular Home

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15th March 2019

Living in a portable home can feel like a quirky choice, with residents straying from the conventional home in favour of something very different. However, there are many misconceptions about living in one of these homes that may make them seem more outlandish; are you guilty of believing them?

1.    They Feel Cramped

While the space is limited in a modular home, the possibilities for décor and furnishings really are endless. There are so many clever ways to maximise the space in the home, like using foldaway furniture, space-saving storage and bright, warm colours.

Of course, there are those out there that are filled to the brim with clutter that feel overcrowded but generally speaking, there are a lot of ways to make the small space much larger. Some people even combine a number of units to create extra space for their family!

2.    All are Created Equal

Modules may look fairly standard, but the quality and size can vary hugely. It’s important to get your home from a trusted source – otherwise you may end up stuck with a rusted, dented house.

Suppliers tend to offer very different products and services for you to choose from, with bespoke options, payment plans, and more. Make sure you work with a company with a good reputation that you feel comfortable with.

3. They’re too Hot or too Cold

You may be thinking that you’re at the mercy of the elements while living in a home, but this isn’t the case. While the metal can absorb more heat from the sun than a traditional building, you can still adjust the temperature to your liking.

Air conditioning and heating can easily be added to a home, so you have full control of the climate. As it’s a small space, you’ll find that you can heat or cool it in no time at all and at a lower cost compared to a larger house.

4. They’re for DIY Buffs Only

Having some DIY skills by your side can help if you’re looking to create an entirely custom home, however they’re not necessary. Many conversion companies can do the hard work for you and deliver the home of your dreams ready-made.

If you do want to take on the task yourself, then there are plenty of resources to help you along the way. YouTube videos will be your best friends as you learn how to customise your home, providing tips on products and best practice. There are some wonderful modular home videos out there that will inspire and advise you.  

5. There’s No Running Water

Pop-up homes can be equipped with showers, bathrooms and baths – just the same as a standard home. Running water is simple to plumb into the home, giving you all of the conveniences that you’re accustomed to.

While you may not have the space for a full jacuzzi bath, there’s no need to give up a luxurious shower when you move into your home. Many home-owners that want to be eco-friendly will reuse their water for the likes of farming and composting.

6. They’ll Become Rusty Over Time

Properly insulated homes won’t get rusty! Running water and condensation inside metal can be concerning, but if your home is insulated and ventilated then this won’t be an issue. You may have seen some rusty metal modules in the past, but these have often been used for many years in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Caring for a steel prefabricated home is just as important as caring for your brick-and-mortar home! Ensuring there’s adequate extraction and free-flowing air will prevent moisture build-up and keep your home in top condition.

7. You’ll be Off the Grid

While living in a these types of living spaces may conjure up images of living off the grid, it’s not a necessity. You can have the internet, electricity, a phone line, satellite TV, and everything else that you need to feel connected to the outside world. Modern intermodal homes can have just about everything that you have in your home right now!

If you want to use your home as a way to disconnect, then you can absolutely limit the amount of technology that you have within it. This can create an oasis of calm away from your busy life.

Hopefully, these myths have been well and truly busted now! Modular homes may never become mainstream, but if any of these myths were holding you back from investigating further then consider that barrier removed.

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