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Converting A Storage Box into A Hair Salon

With bespoke conversions becoming increasingly popular in the world today, we are seeing everything from plant rooms to exhibition stands, to modular accommodation units. So, when the question of whether you can create a hair salon arises, the answer is a resounding, “why not?”.

There are a number of reasons why buying a cargo unit and converting into a hair salon could actually be a good idea – they can be mobile, give you a broad canvas for design ideas, are an eco-friendly option, and can be cost-effective.

When it comes to having a successful hair salon, there are a few aspects that you need to think about. These include:

  • Its location
  • How you are going to make it memorable
  • The cost of renting or buying the premises
  • How the space will function as a hair salon – and anything else that you might wish to use it for

Conversion into a Hair Salon

A converted storage box lends itself perfectly to become a hair salon. With flexibility over its design, you can make it a functional, comfortable, and memorable place that is ideal for attracting clients and keeping them coming back for more. You can use your premises to reflect your ethos and show your creativity as well.

There are several benefits to converting a freight unit into a hair salon, including:

Location and Mobility

Whilst sturdy and robust, they can also be moved if required. This means that not only can you take it with you if you move house or are looking to relocate, but you also have more flexibility over where you are going to set up in the first place. They can be small, located in your garden, or on a small plot of land. Depending on your Local Authority, you may or may not need to have planning permission to put it in place.

This means that if, for example, you have to also juggle childcare, having your salon in your garden could be useful, or it could also save you money on rental or buying costs.

Visual and Experience

Having control over the design of your bespoke hair salon means that you can make it look exactly how you wish it to as well as create the perfect experience for your customers. You can have it professionally painted or cladded on the outside to suit your company branding, or make it stand out and memorable, for example.

If you want to have a cocktail bar inside your salon, a fish tank, or live music, you could also arrange for this – you have complete flexibility over its design. You can also add ramps to enable wheelchair access as well as the easy loading and unloading of deliveries.

Size and Layout

A shipping unit also allows you to have control over the size and layout of your hair salon – as long as it fits into the space where you want to put it, of course. You can use a single small 10ft box, for example, for a small intimate salon, or you can join several 40ft units together for a grand, vast construction if you wish. Click here for more information on internal and external dimensions.

Within the construction, you can then design your own layout with partition walls, perhaps for separate booths, kitchens, bathrooms, and stock rooms, for example.


Compared to buying or renting premises, a conversion can be very cost-effective. The cost of renting the land to put it on can be less than renting a building and if you can put your hair salon on land that you already have, it can be even better.

In addition, extra space can be made within your salon for storage, allowing you to make some extra money by selling products such as shampoo, conditioner, and other hair paraphernalia.


Even with the adaptations that would need to be applied to create a bespoke hair salon, the strong metal walls and roof can make it highly secure, with even more security with secure locking systems that can be added to the doors.

When you are thinking about customising a cargo unit you will need to make some adaptations to make the space suitable for you to be in. This includes adding an insulating lining to ensure that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold, adequate ventilation, a connection to a water source and drainage, electrical and light packages, and the furniture that is required.

We can provide a wide range of container solutions to suit your needs, whether it be for hire, for sale or a conversion. For more information just get in touch.

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