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Creating A Container Sauna For Your Home

Building a sauna at home may seem like an extravagant purchase, however there are numerous benefits of having a sauna right on your doorstep. Saunas can help relieve stress, rid toxins from your body and soothe sore muscles so having one at home means that you can completely unwind without having to travel to and from a gym or spa. Because of this, more and more homeowners are investigating their options for at-home saunas.

One way to create a sauna at home is by buying a cargo unit. Shipping containers are easily accessible and can be converted to include all the elements of a fully-functional sauna.

The Unconventional Use Of A Intermodal For A Sauna

Some may argue that using a storage box is an unconventional way to create a sauna at home, but using a unit means that your sauna is completely self-contained in a portable box.

One of the advantages of this kind of sauna is that you have a unit that is self-contained and easily transportable. If you move house, for example, you can take your portable sauna to your new home by loading it on a flatbed truck and driving to a new location, rather than having to leave an expensive brick sauna behind for the next homeowners to enjoy!

The Design Process Behind A Portable Sauna

Generally, saunas are low maintenance structures however when planning to build one, it’s important to think about the layout and consider the best configuration for your steam room. Using software such as CAD can make this process much easier and allow you to create multiple design options for your sauna layout. CAD also has the ability to create a visual representation of the final product so you can be sure it’s laid out exactly how you want it.

While you think about design, it’s also important to consider the electric outlets in an at-home sauna and how they will be integrated. If you’ve opted for an electric sauna stove then you will need an electrical supply. One option for a sauna conversion is to install solar panels to generate electricity making the unit fully self-sufficient.

Converting Your Unit Into A Sauna

Converting a unit into a sauna may feel like a difficult task, but with careful planning and guidance from a specialist conversion company you can easily transform them into a functional steam room.

They will need specific modifications to create a functional sauna. This includes benches, ventilation, heaters, and interior panelling. Many people allow room for a shower unit within their sauna design to make it fully self-contained and practical. You also need to consider any extra additions to add a luxury feel to the sauna, such as Bluetooth speakers or lighting to add extra ambience to the experience.

You can even transform the outside to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Giving it a new coat of paint not only adds additional protection to the steel, but there is also a vast range of colours available so you can choose a colour to blend in with the surroundings. Alternatively you can use timber cladding for a more rustic look that matches the interior of the sauna.

We recommend consulting with a specialist conversion company for peace of mind as they can ensure that your at home sauna complies with all current legislation.

Advantages Of A Self Contained Sauna

There are many advantages to having a self-contained sauna at home.

Most at home saunas need consideration before installing, and homeowners need to ensure they have enough room in their house to fit the sauna equipment and fittings. The space must also have a non-permeable floor, sufficient steam ventilation and enough room for adequate electrical wiring to control the sauna.

With a self-contained sauna, you don’t need to worry as much about these considerations as the unit is purpose-built with these aspects in mind. As it includes all the essential elements needed for a functioning steam room, they can be put anywhere where there is space – for example a garden – eliminating the need to take up any room inside the home.

Additionally, if an outdoor building is being considered you may have to submit planning permission. This makes portable units a preferable option for a sauna conversion as in the UK containers aren’t considered a permanent structure so don’t need planning permission.

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