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Creating A Gym Space At Home

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12th February 2021

Even in the tiniest of spaces, you can create a gym space that will help you to meet your fitness goals without spending a fortune or taking up too much time. A well-designed gym space will not only encourage you to work out more often but it will also encourage you to maximize your effort once you have begun working out.

Small home gyms mean different things for different people. But there are some basics that work well in every space. This article will look at how to create the perfect at-home gym space for you so that you can build your strength and endurance from the comfort of your own property.

Find The Right Space

The first step of creating a gym space at home is choosing the right spot for the set up you want. The set up for an exercise space is highly important and will be dependent on the type of workout regime that you follow and need to set up for. So finding the exact space for your home gym will depend on how much room you have and the workouts you want to accomplish.

A tiny area in the hallway or living area, a space next to the kitchen or even your home office can be turned into a home gym with ease. Other great options include a spare bedroom, an empty office, a converted shipping container, or a vacant garage. An outdoor space like a back patio could work if your local climate and living situation permits it.

Equipment & Storage

An at-home office doesn’t need a ton of equipment or bulky machines to make it an effective place to exercise. Even a 10-by-10 foot area can be effective if it is completely uncluttered. Rather aim to keep it as minimal as possible with effective storage systems. Use shipping containers and hanging organisers to keep the space neat.

Compact weight racks are also a great solution for neat storage of dumbbells and weights. Don’t forget a bin for towels and one for laundry too. Creating a gym space can be quite an expensive endeavour so remember that when it comes to buying equipment, you can always buy used equipment or even build some equipment yourself.

Think Bright

An at-home gym space should be bright, open, and energising. A key aspect to think about for your at-home gym is lighting. Make sure your space has plenty of light — either natural light from windows or from overhead light bulbs. You want your space to feel clean and clear so it is a good idea to give it a proper scrub down and a fresh coat of paint.

Avoid warm colours for your gym space as warm-hued spaces are relaxing which can make you feel tired. A  bright space will energize you so opt for a shade of white that is bright and energetic. A paint that is not too glossy and is wipeable is best suited for a gym setting.


Adding a mirror to your at-home gym space is highly beneficial. Not only is a mirror helpful in keeping a check on your form but it will also help your gym space appear bigger and improves lighting. The mirror should be large enough that your entire body can be seen and it should be hung on the wall as a leaning mirror will give you a distorted view of the way you look.

Adding a few floor mats or carpet tiles for a non-slip flooring is another great addition for a workout zone at home. Gym flooring will give your body a bit more of a cushion while you work out and will also protect your floor from getting slippery from sweat. Don’t forget to create a spot for a speaker – great tunes will help energize (and distract) you during an intense workout or can help to create a calm and soothing vibe.

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