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Creating A Ticket Booth Out Of A Container

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10th November 2021

Ticket booths, or box offices, are buildings where customers can buy tickets for admission to an event, trade show, or attraction.

Ticket booths must be functional and accessible to ensure customers are efficiently served. It’s also beneficial for a ticket booth to be eye-catching for marketing and overall visibility.

A shipping unit can be the perfect solution to creating a bespoke structure to sell tickets from.

Why Use A Container?

There are many reasons to consider using a converted container as a ticket office booth. Container ticket offices have the benefit of being portable, and can therefore be easily transported to various sites. A modified unit is also a much more cost-effective way to build a ticket office as opposed to a permanent bricks and mortar building.

Event managers can customise and brand their unit as necessary or (have it branded by a container specialist directly), making them especially suited to events and retail applications.


The design of a container means it is portable by default and easily moved to whichever location it’s needed. If you have pop-up events nationwide, a converted unit can readily be transported from location to location.

When not in use, a ticket booth unit can store items such as POS material, till points and ticket machines. These items can then be transported inside the booth in one journey, rather than having to make multiple journeys to one site.


Containers are designed to be durable and withstand long journeys carrying cargo across sea. All units from S Jones Containers are wind and water tight, ensuring the contents inside are safe from all-weather types.

Cost Effective

Shipping units are usually a more cost-effective route than traditional construction because they need less building materials and labour to be built and modified. The majority of the conversion work can be completed on a factory floor so most projects are quoted at a fixed price, customisation and branding incurring an additional charge that still pales in comparison to more permanent fixtures.

This makes a container ticket booth much more cost effective than building a ticket office from scratch.


Another cost-effective option for a portable ticket office is a modular building. Modular units are structures that can be used for both temporary and more permanent buildings. As the name suggests, modular offices are constructed off site and delivered as one unit.

Modular buildings create minimal impact at your site – the only interruption you will have is when your fully functioning unit is delivered, and even then some units can be assembled on-site, making them suitable for a wide range of locations that would otherwise be hard to reach.

Features Of A Ticket Booth Container

A unit will need a few modifications before it can be used as a functional ticket booth. There are some features to think about when designing your ticket booth unit to ensure it is perfectly suited for your needs.

Many ticket booths feature a window or hatch for customers to buy their tickets from. Container units can easily be modified to feature serving windows, or hatches complete with gas strut awnings. This creates a defined space for customers to book or purchase tickets. You can also use the space around the hatch to add notice boards for opening times or prices.

If you opt for a converted shipping container, you may want to alter the appearance of your unit. Both the interior and exterior can be repainted. A repaint can help the container blend into the surroundings better, or in decorative colours to match the business and strengthen branding. A container can also be lined with plywood or melamine to improve the interior. Similarly, modular units can readily be customised and supplied in a range of colours or interior linings to suit your needs.

Staff will need secure access into the ticket booth unit. This can be achieved by installing a personnel door into the side of the container, which can be securely locked in the same way as a conventional door.

Ticket Booths From S Jones

S Jones Containers have many years of experience in converting units. Our client GoBoat, a canal boat rental company, asked us to design and create a bespoke ticket kiosk for its self-drive boating experiences.

At the start of the project, our conversions team created a series of detailed CAD images to provide the customer with a virtual representation of how GoBoat’s specified ticket kiosk conversion would look in reality. Not only does CAD enable you to see what the final product will look like, but also allows you to get a visual image of the layout of the container so you can make sure it’s exactly how you pictured it.

GoBoat’s kiosk unit was made from a 10ft container, complete with a serving hatch, lined out with 12mm MFC, counter top and lights. The customer then commissioned a street artist to add the final artistic flair to the unit.

If you would like to find out more about how we can create a bespoke modified ticket booth, or any of our containers available for hire or purchase please get in touch with our conversions team to discuss your requirements.

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