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Hiring A Unit For Events: What You Need To Know

Customised bespoke conversions are a unique and contemporary way to host an unforgettable event. As well as being aesthetically appealing, event conversions are also an incredibly practical option for an event as they are durable, secure, and weatherproof.

When you buy a unit, there are a number of customisation options available to create a unit that perfectly suits your event’s needs and look. This article will provide a guideline on everything you need to know about hiring a unit for your next event – shipped from a depot local to you.


Hosting events can be very expensive, often thousands and thousands are spent on them. From the physical structure to the promotion of it, the costs can add up quickly. Using a converted unit is a great way to bring the numbers down by a significant amount.

Temporary rental costs a lot less in comparison to purchasing. It is a wise choice for a one-off or temporary use, as you won’t have to worry about storing, maintaining or disposing of the unit afterwards. It is important to consider and clarify any insurance obligations with the rental company. It is worth noting that in general, it is more economical to rent one single, large unit than several small ones. These large units are more widely-used and as such are much more readily available.


While no doubt durable, they aren’t indestructible. This is why you must first check the unit before you go ahead with the rental. If you are hiring a storage unit for an event you want it to be great condition and perfect working order.

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly check not only the exterior but also the interior of the unit as well. Check the walls, the floor, and the roof before agreeing to hire. Even a small hole in the unit could mean the entrance of moisture and other contaminants into your unit which could damage whatever you place inside. Also check that the doors, the hinges, and locks are free from rust and ant broken parts to ensure a good hiring experience.


When organising the transportation of your unit, make sure that you create a pre-established itinerary that specifies the exact route, who will be delivering it, and how it will be positioned. This is an extremely important aspect of hiring units for events as these units are not ideal for transport through certain roads, such as those with tunnels, trees and power lines.

Any lapse in handling and transporting a shipping unit can cause a major accident. It would be best if the unit does not have to go through extended periods of transport so be sure to plan properly and do not make any last-minute changes in location.


Your permitting requirements will depend on your county and neighbourhood. In most cases, if your unit is not going to be permanently on your property, you will probably need to obtain a temporary use permit.  If your property is near a residential area, the permitting requirements will usually be stricter. Sometimes a permit is not required at all so research your event’s area before hiring and be sure to obtain any required permits.


These units commonly come in two standard lengths: 20 footers and 40 footers. But other sizes and customised sizes are available too. These sizes are created by either cutting the unit down or welding them together. These non-standardised sizes usually cost more. So consider your sizing requirements when hiring a unit for your event.


There is a range of features available when it comes to cargo units. These features are commonly known as ‘add-ons’ and can be included for an additional fee when hiring a unit. One of the most common features is premium locking mechanisms. If you are planning on storing anything expensive inside your unit, then it might be worth investing in a good lock.

Another popular feature of storage boxes is the different types of doors that are available. There is the option of single or double entry, as well as single or double doors. There are also roll-up door or open/shut door options to choose from.

They are a great option to create unforgettable events. We hope this article will help you to be prepared for the process and all the considerations that come along with using a container for your next big event.

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