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Home Businesses You Can Run from a Shipping Container

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17th September 2020

One of the best things about shipping containers is that you can adapt them for almost any situation. Whether you are looking to adapt to use it as a studio, workshop, or office, it offers an excellent solution to creating an extra space to work in.

There are several reasons why getting a shipping container can be the ideal solution to your workspace needs, including the fact that they can be customised to create the space that suits you, and they can be classified as a temporary structure and placed in a number of different locations that fit your needs.

Customising your Shipping Container

Containers have been built to effectively store and transport cargo, protecting it from the elements and providing a space that can be utilised in many different ways. We have seen more and more people using them for construction, creating anything from modular homes to offices, to pop-up bars and restaurants, showing that they are a flexible solution for any home business.

There are several ways that you can convert to make it suitable for running a home business, including:

For an Office

If you are thinking about installing a unit to use as a home office, you should consider:

  • Adding windows for some natural light, making it a healthier and more pleasant place to work
  • Adding a personnel door to make access and locking easier
  • Flexibility over the size of your shipping office – you can choose between 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft, and you also have the option of stacking them on top of each other or joining them side by side
  • The fitting of electricity and lighting to enable the use of computers, printers, kettles and lights
  • Fitting extra-strong locks to ensure that your office equipment is safe at all times, as well as an interior lock in case you wish to prevent people coming in whilst you are in there
  • Self-assembly shelving or pre-fitted racking can be added to provide extra storage space
  • Adding ramps for step-free, wheelchair access

For a Workshop or Studio

A converted unit is an ideal solution if you are looking for a garden workshop or studio. It gives you the space to spread out your tools, without the need to pack them away at the end of the day – or, indeed, remove them from the reach of children! You could think about adding:

  • Doors for easier access and locking
  • Windows for natural light and good ventilation
  • Lighting and electricity to help you to see better and power your tools
  • Durable, robust locking systems inside and out to help to prevent theft and unwanted people from getting in
  • Racking for extra and organised storage
  • Ramps for wheelchair access, as well as easier access for machinery to get in and out
  • Flexibility over the size of the building
  • Can be connected to water systems
  • Lining to help with insulation, as well as allow things to be attached to the walls

For a Food Prep Area

If you are in the catering or food business, a modular building can be the ideal solution as an area to prepare your food. This allows you to keep the area separate to your food preparation area in your home, ensuring that hygiene standards are met and food doesn’t get mixed up.

You should consider a number of aspects, including:

  • Flexibility over the size of your food preparation area
  • Windows and doors for easy access, natural light, ventilation, and a pleasant environment
  • Electricity and lighting to keep your food looking good and to power appliances such as fridges, freezers, cake mixers and sous vide machines
  • Locking systems to ensure that you, your food and your equipment are as safe as possible
  • Fitted out with work surfaces
  • Connected to water systems
  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean surfaces that fit with kitchen hygiene standards

Salon or Spa Room

If you are thinking about working in the beauty or spa industry and are looking at inviting your clients to your house for treatments, this is a perfect solution. You can:

  • Have complete flexibility over the size of your treatment room
  • Add windows and doors for easy locking, easy access and good ventilation
  • Add electricity and lighting for tools, machines, music and heating systems
  • Get connected to water systems
  • Be fitted with hygienic surfaces needed to meet regulations

Whatever your needs, you can work with our design team to ensure that you get the perfect workspace. They can use computer-aided design technology to craft the best space for you and your requirements. There is an infinite number of businesses that can be run from a customised container and with the right design, you can ensure that it is built for success.

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