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How Are Custom Containers Created?

One of the best things about shipping containers is that they can be turned into almost anything given some knowledge and expertise. With enough imagination and skill, an intermodal can be an office, home, pop-up restaurant or extra storage space solution – the applications are nearly limitless.

For instance, they can be fitted out with anything from a fully functional kitchen to a workshop or science lab. They can be used customised into blast retardant containers for housing sensitive materials and equipment. They can even be built into sound attenuated acoustic containers for studio and broadcast applications, or used to create packaged biomass boiler enclosures, complete with integral fuel stores.

Creating a Custom Container

Naturally, needs vary widely among those who need a contained space solution. Fortunately, the units provide a solid foundation for myriad uses and can be custom made to completely satisfy a wide range of requirements. For instance, you can buy one and have it completely customised to create the perfect space or solution to your specific needs.

While the exact details may vary depending on the intended application or vendor delivering the conversion project, the process of crating a custom option is generally as follows:

  1. First, you’ll reach out to a conversions specialist who will speak to you about the viability of your project.
  2. Next, you will be allocated a dedicated account manager who will oversee your project.
  3. Your conversions account manager and the design team will then discuss your project, ideas and requirements in greater detail, offering recommendations as appropriate.
  4. Once a suitably detailed specification is agreed, you will then be provided with an initial quote.
  5. Following this, you’ll be shown a 3D Computer-Aided Design model generated by the design team. At this stage, revisions may be made in order for a final, fully detailed specification to be generated. The quote will be amended to match.
  6. Once the design is signed off, fabrication begins, with some vendors allowing you to view your customisation in the workshop to check its progress.
  7. Following a final inspection and series of tests, your bespoke conversion will be delivered to site, ready to use or installation of further third-party equipment.

Whatever the use, this process ensures that customer needs are met in their entirety. Some of the custom creating we have include:

  • Laboratories – Often used for remote scientific projects and industrial facilities, laboratory units can be supplied with specialist resin-based chemical resistant worktops, sinks and may include specialist equipment such as fume cupboards.
  • Site Offices and School Rooms – Along with the use of modular buildings for classrooms, conversions can often be constructed to be used as site offices and storage cabins for the education sector, with armoured and normal personnel doors commonly fitted into the sidewalls.
  • Bars and Cafes – Whether you’re looking for a pop-up or permanent space for your bar or café, standard units offer a quirky and striking look but can be fully fitted with water, heating, cooking facilities and room for tables and chairs – both inside and outside.
  • Units for Exhibitions – It’s always a good idea to stand out at an exhibition, and having a custom unit as your base is a great way to do this. With your customised unit, you can make a bold, striking statement to visitors, welcoming them with effective branding than goes beyond just a stand and some pictures. Units can be fitted with everything that you need, from the correct lighting, to water features to roof terraces.
  • Planters – You can use half of a shipping container to create an effective – and portable planter. Just add your favourite plants and flowers, keep them well fed and watered and you effectively have a portable garden that you can take with you wherever you go, or even move around according to the season. You can choose to paint it the ideal colour for you or add external timber cladding, even adding a green roof to make it look perfect.

In summary, the versatility and robustness of shipping containers offers you the opportunity to design and create the best space to meet your needs, provided you have imagination and access to the right skills and expertise. If you are looking for something functional and secure that gives you the chance to express your creativity, is mobile and stackable, and needs to meet a very specific need, a custom unit might be the perfect solution for you.

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