Selecting A Location For Your Shipping Container: Key Considerations

Shipping containers are exceptionally useful and can be utilised in a broad range of applications. In many cases, shipping containers are used to transport heavy cargo over long distances. Containers are made from heavy-duty materials and built to be extremely durable and secure. This makes them the ideal storage solution when transporting goods and products. Many individuals and businesses also use shipping containers to store items securely on site. Beyond transport and storage, containers can also be used in conversion projects and transformed into cost-effective temporary structures such as offices or workshops.

Buying or renting a shipping container is a smart investment, but you must do your research and get the most out of your container. If you are planning on converting your shipping container or using it for storage, then you must pick a suitable location for the container. This will help you avoid the hassle of moving your container once it has been delivered. With that in mind, here are the key things to consider when selecting a location for your shipping container.

Do I need to acquire land?

If you don’t already have land available, then you will need to acquire land to store your shipping container. It is important that the land you buy offers enough space to support your container and its applications, i.e., you will need more land if you plan on creating a shipping container home using multiple containers. Shipping containers come in various sizes including 10ft, 20ft and 40ft designs. Carefully consider which size container is most appropriate for your needs and then calculate how much land you will need. Keep in mind that purchasing land is expensive, so make sure that you calculate your budget before you start searching for an appropriate piece of land for your container.

Is the ground suitable?

You also need to make sure that the land will support your shipping container. Check the subsurface soil type, i.e., is it made from clay, sand, etc. Most containers require a sturdy foundation. If there are issues with the ground, then you can install a base made from concrete to support the container and protect the bottom from rust. Make sure that you prepare the ground before your container is delivered to avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

Is there sufficient access?

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient access when your shipping container is delivered. Check that the delivery vehicle will have enough space to unload the container in your desired location. You should also check for obstacles such as fences or walls. You can contact your container delivery company for advice on the delivery process and access required for your chosen container.

Do I need to apply for planning permission?

The good news is that shipping containers do not typically require planning permission. However, you may need to apply for planning permission if you intend on converting your container into a permanent structure, i.e., a home. You may also need planning permission if you plan on keeping your container in a location next to a Listed Building or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, for example. It is a good idea to contact your local planning authority to check whether planning permission is required in your intended location. This will ensure that your shipping container complies with the relevant regulations in your area.

Can I get help choosing a location for my container?

Shipping containers are strong and durable, which makes them ideal for transporting or storing goods. Containers conversions are all the rage at the moment and many individuals and businesses are transforming old containers into affordable, eco-friendly structures like homes or office space. If you are investing in a shipping container, then it is vitally important that you choose a suitable location for your container. You must also make sure that your location is prepared before your shipping container is delivered to your site. If you are still unsure, then you can get in touch with our specialist team for expert advice on the best location for your container.

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