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The Intermodal Rooms You Didn't Know You Needed

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15th March 2019

The beauty of a intermodal home is that these modular units can be added to and extended as you please. If you’re considering investing in one of these homes, then these rooms could take your designs to the next level.

Laundry Room

A dedicated laundry room can be so useful, especially for larger families! This is a brilliant way to banish dirty laundry to one area, instead of allowing it to run riot through the whole home.

Placing this on the ground floor makes it possible to install a laundry chute from the upper levels, ensuring that your family pick up their laundry and ditch it. Ensure that ventilation is adequate in your laundry room, otherwise wet clothes can contribute to damp and rust.

Since these homes can be quite small, isolating the washer and dryer in a laundry room can make it quieter. You don’t want to hear that cotton cycle while you’re relaxing in bed!


Another fantastic room for those that want to keep items sectioned, a playroom can bring all the kids’ toys into one area. This room can be a haven for kids, as they have their very own space to explore, play, and get messy!

If you do want to install a playroom, then storage is key! Having places to put all of the toys and games will keep it much tidier and prevent items from being left on the floor.

Home Gym

A home gym can help you keep up your motivation and burn those calories, without heading out to the gym. Placing your favourite exercise equipment and some mirrors into one of these rooms can turn it into a temple of fat loss!

You don’t need a large unit to fit a treadmill, weightlifting rack, and elliptical machine. Anything else that you want to add is a bonus! Having some free floor space will also allow you to follow dance or yoga workouts that don’t require equipment.

If you want to take your home gym up a notch, you could even add your very own sauna to use after a workout. Home conversions are all about customisation, so the sky is the limit!


If you’re creative, then a studio or art room can be a paradise of creativity. With studio rents high, making this area in your home can save you time and money. Whether you paint, sculpt, knit, or even make rugs, this room can become your ideal space to let your creativity flow.

This is especially helpful for multi-stage projects, as you don’t need to clean up in between each of these stages. You can leave the items you need out, without fear of them being disturbed, and pick up your project the very next day.

Home Office

With all of us working remotely more often these days, designing a home office can make this a more pleasant and productive process. Sectioning your office away from the rest of the house can vastly improve your quality of life, as it keeps your work life separate from your leisure time.

Having a desk and a computer is just the start, as you can also add some luxury elements to your home office. A coffee machine, mini-fridge, and sound system can give your home office a bit of extra flair. Choosing a supportive and high-quality chair is key; you’ll be spending a lot of time in this seat so buy one that doesn’t make your back hurt!

Mud Room

Active families can really benefit from a mud room, which separates outdoor gear from the rest of the house. If you’re tired of clearing up mucky footprints or hunting down tents, then this room will be your new best friend.

It should be the first room you come to after being outdoors and have assigned spaces for gear. Lockers and cupboards can be used to segment gear for different hobbies too. This can keep walking boots, fishing rods, windbreakers, and more together.

Some owners even place a tap in this room to make it even easier to scrub down any equipment. If you’re accustomed to coming in covered in mud from the great outdoors, then this room will be a lifesaver!

Creating your perfect home out of storage boxes can give you much more control over the rooms you have at your disposal. Enhancing your life with these rooms can be a real game changer, so consider incorporating them into your design.

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