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Using a Container for an Art Exhibition

We have seen converted shipping containers being used for everything from smoking shelters to bars and cafes to temporary hospital wards. So, for those who are looking for a space to house an art exhibition, storage units could be the perfect solution.

Shipping containers are, in essence, a large metal box. They are durable and built to withstand nasty weather. This protective element means that they are an excellent option for storing art. They can also easily be securely locked, protecting their contents.

If you are thinking about using a unit to house an art exhibition, however, there is some preparation work that you will need to do. On its own, in its original form, it wouldn’t be suitable.

Modifying a Storage Unit for an Art Exhibition

There are several adaptations that can be made to a new or used unit to make it suitable for an art exhibition, but you should first choose the correct one(s) for your project.

You can choose between buying new, or purchasing one that has only made one journey, or a used unit i.e., one that is no longer suitable for carrying freight. Of course, saving one from going to the landfill is much better for the environment, but you should also check that it is in good condition.

You then need to decide on the size of the shipping container that you want. Sizes include:

You also have the option of joining them together, either side-by-side or on top of each other, to create a larger space.

Added Extras

Everybody will have different ideas regarding how they would like their art exhibition space to be, but there are also some elements that are a necessity. Some of these will be down to you; decoration and furniture, for example, but others can be built into your design and fitted before it is even delivered to the site.

If you have a design that is more complicated, you could consider using our design team to help you to make it as effective as possible. They can use CAD – or computer-aided design – technology to help you with this.

Some of the extra features that you can add to your converted exhibition space include:

  • Running water and toilets – for more comfort for you, your exhibitors and your visitors
  • Lockable personnel doors for ease of access, as well as extra security when it is not being used
  • Windows for natural light if required
  • Electricity for lighting and the use of appliances
  • Running water and kitchen facilities
  • Ramps for wheelchairs, as well as for easy access for heavy art installations
  • Climate control to keep your exhibition space at the optimum temperature and humidity for your art
  • Insulating lining to prevent hot summers and cold winters, as well as provide a base to attach wall fittings to
  • Shelving or racking if required
  • You can have your shipping container professionally painted or vinyl wrapped for branding or to make the space stand out

A converted shipping container is an ideal space for an art exhibition as it can be completely adapted to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for just an open space, or something more complicated, a steel storage box will be able to protect your artwork, and you will be able to have total control over the environment that you have created.

In addition to this, intermodals are mobile, meaning that you can move it whenever you wish, and flexible, meaning that you can modify it at will.

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