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Using A Cargo Unit This Festival Season

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27th May 2021

Great British festivals are probably most well known for their wide-ranging collection of attractions and, quite frankly, bad weather. But the key to the smooth running of a good festival is often a plethora of humble shipping unit. They can be used at festivals for everything from pop-up stages to bars, to equipment storage facilities and beyond.

Freight units are useful for festivals both in their most primitive form as well as being a bespoke conversion into a separate ‘building’.

Equipment Storage

Shipping units were designed and built to be used to transport cargo around the world, all be it on a ship, train, or lorry. They are strong and robust and able to protect their contents from the adverse weather that they face during their transport, and this is why they are an excellent option for the storage of equipment on-site.

They are available in a range of different sizes, between 8ft x 7ft 1inch x 7ft 5inch and 40ft x 8ft x 9ft 6inch, meaning that they can home as much or little equipment as necessary. They are also able to be picked up and moved to and stored or taken to the next festival on the back of a truck.

Pop-Up Stalls, Cafes, or Shops

A converted unit can be used to create pop-up stalls, shops, or cafes. To convert a shipping container, most of the work is done before it is even delivered to you. Windows and doors can be added, serving hatches created, electricity installed and insulating lining added to the primitive shipping container to make it habitable for people, work perfectly for the use that you have for it, and can then be decorated according to your branding.

They can be fitted with cooking facilities, features that meet hygiene regulations, ventilation, and condensation control.

Sanitation Blocks

Other applications include sanitation blocks, housing toilets, and showers. Converting a container gives you the flexibility to decide what facilities you have inside, including toilets, urinals, showers, and sinks, for example, and in what combination.

Sanitary blocks can be fitted with plumbing, electricity and lighting, ventilation systems, and heaters to make these the most comfortable toilet blocks ever at a festival! Again, these can be moved between events, servicing several festivals throughout the year.

Information Booths, First Aid, and Box Offices

There is also a serious side to festivals as well as fun. There needs to be somewhere that guests can get information or first aid if necessary. You will also need a place where you can sell tickets, give out wristbands, or manage performers. A bespoke conversion is a perfect option for this. Again, it can be adapted to be comfortable for people to be inside – insulated to ensure that it does not get too hot or too cold, windows and doors fitted, and electricity and lighting added.

Other Applications

There is an almost infinite number of ways that containers can be used at a festival. Some of the others include:

  • To add canopies, creating an under-cover area.
  • Creating smaller performance areas that are sheltered, mobile, and able to hold technical equipment and scenery.
  • To house ATMs in a secure manner, giving guests access to cash.
  • To help with layout and create barriers – shipping containers can be strategically placed to help to create flow within the festival site.
  • Painting to create large signs as well as show off artwork.
  • To create the infrastructure of a stage including technical booths, stages, and backstage areas.
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