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“Keep on trucking!” – Frank Celebrates 100th Birthday At Truck Gathering

Frank Hicken, a respected and long-serving employee of S Jones, celebrated his 100th birthday this weekend at a truck gathering here at S Jones Containers. 

The milestone birthday party was organised by friends, family and former colleagues and took place on Sunday 8th August. Despite the rain, we had a fantastic turnout and welcomed over 70 vintage trucks to the yard for the celebration. Everyone enjoyed the chance to walk around the yard and admire the impressive fleet of trucks on display.

Frank with an S Jones ERF Truck

The gathering included a collection of our original S Jones ERF trucks. Frank and his colleagues remember using these trucks for nationwide haulage services, so seeing the trucks in person brought back many memories for everyone there! 

A fantastic time was had by all, and there was plenty of story-telling and reminiscing over the many memories they had together at S Jones. There was a presentation by our chairman, Michael Jones, who thanked Frank for all his valuable work and wished him a happy birthday on behalf of everyone there. 

Frank was no doubt a significant contributory factor in the success of our business and helped us thrive as leaders in ERF truck distribution. His hard work within the company paved the way for the business it is today. It was a pleasure to welcome Frank back on site and we all had a fantastic time catching up with friends and celebrating the milestone event.

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