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Jill Buckland

24th January 2020

I started my career as a VAT inspector for HMRC when I was 19. This was a demanding role that involved me visiting traders all over the West Midlands to check their VAT returns were correct.

Looking back, this was pretty dangerous for a young female especially as it was before mobile phones but I survived to tell the tale.

I left that role after 5 years to have a family and used the time to qualify as a CIMA Management Accountant.

Once qualified, I joined SJC in July 2000 as the Financial Controller. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and change and my role has grown and changed with it. One of those changes being my set up of a Human Resources Department. After being promoted to Company Director in 2015, I saw the management of this department as a new challenge and opted to take a move away from the direct responsibility for the Accounts of the business and concentrate more on the people that make SJC what it is.

Since that time, Quality Management, GDPR, and General Operations have also been added to my remit.

I have recently completed 20 years supporting the S Jones brand. My role has been interesting, challenging, hard work but satisfying for all that time and I expect it will continue to be in the future.

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