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What TV’s Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen had to say about S.Jones Containers

“I’d have never thought that containers might be a lifesaver but moving from Greenwich to the Cotswolds proved me wrong. As the world saw in the highly acclaimed series “To The Manor Bowen”, the Llewelyn-Bowen

 “The family found ourselves in the midst of building site chaos for five months as the 17th-century manor house we’d bought was knocked, ground and cajoled into shape. since, at most, only one room was habitable and most treasured mementoes sat out the architectural carnage in the safety of a pair of S. Jones containers parked on the drive.

For me, the big advantage was to have all our kit on-site but safe so that I could check the dimensions of important pieces of furniture or specify colours to match particular paintings without having to get myself to a storage facility. When you’re moving or when you’re improving and you need to keep the important things in your life out of harm’s way, playing host to a container from S. Jones makes a lot of sense.”

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