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Intermodal Container Conversions

Here at S Jones, we have a range of different sizes of intermodal containers to choose from.

Intermodal Conversions from S Jones

This gives you a great deal of flexibility over the size, layout, and design of your container home. Our design team is always on hand to help you out with the design, using specialist software to help you to bring your ideas to life.

An intermodal container home is an excellent way to help the environment and create your perfect house amongst the challenging housing market that we are currently experiencing, and with our intermodal containers that range from a standard height 10ft container to a 40ft high cube container, you have all of the building blocks that you need for a perfect home.

If you are thinking about building an intermodal shipping container home, you can give our expert team a call to discuss your ideas.

Intermodal Container Homes

Homes made out of converted intermodal shipping containers are cost-effective, great for the environment, and offer you complete flexibility over their design. Intermodal containers are like blank building blocks that can be joined together and customised to create the home that you’ve always imagined.

The process is simple. Get in touch with our design team to see what options you have available to you and come up with your design, check the features and adaptations that we can offer you, then sit back and watch whilst it is built.

We can deliver your intermodal container home directly to the site, as good as complete, and ready for you to add the finishing touches to.

For help in making your dream home come to life, get in touch with our design team here.

Why Create an Intermodal Container House?

There are several reasons why intermodal container houses are becoming more and more popular. These include:

  • The containers give you flexibility over the size and layout of the house, as well as more flexibility over where it is located and which way it is facing than a brick and mortar house
  • It can be far more cost-effective than constructing a brick and mortar home
  • By using intermodal containers, you are carrying out the ultimate upcycling project and reducing landfill waste of used intermodal containers
  • Intermodal shipping containers are strong and robust and can be painted or clad to help them to blend into the environment around them

Benefits of Intermodal Container Homes

There are, of course, many reasons why a converted intermodal container is a great option for creating a home, but there are also several benefits to living in one. These can include:

  • You can easily add on more intermodal containers if you want to extend your home
  • Depending on the area that you are going to live in, you may not need planning permission to build your home (you should check with your local authority before you start)
  • You can easily decorate with paint or cladding on the outside or inside of your home
  • Intermodal containers are mobile and can therefore ‘move with you’ if you wish

Intermodal Conversion Case Studies

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