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Bespoke Conversions: The Sky’s The Limit

Storage units revolutionised the transportation of goods and provided a secure way for cargo to be moved across the globe. They have been used for many years, but did you know that they can be utilised in various applications beyond just transportation and storage?

Recently, individuals and businesses have been converting boxes into a diverse range of structures including homes, offices and pop-up shops and bars. The major advantage of using units is that they are eco-friendly, cost-effective and extremely durable. Our team specialises in bespoke conversions and can help you turn your vision into a reality. To inspire you, here are some creative ways to convert a unit.

Container homes

Living in a pop-up home may seem unusual, but they can offer some great advantages over a traditional property. In particular, constructing a home out of old units is more eco-friendly, as it recycles materials and reduces waste. Plus, creating a bespoke home can be far more affordable than building a property using conventional building materials. Another fantastic benefit of a pop-up home is that you will have the opportunity to create a bespoke living space in a unique design. An old shipping unit can be transformed into a green, trendy and budget-friendly living space for you and your family. We recently created a custom home in Denver using seven shipping units. This swanky home features hardwood floors, an open plan kitchen and dining area, and heating/air conditioning units. This is proof that you truly can do anything with old units!

In many cases, conversions do not require planning permission as they are considered temporary structures. That being said, you will require planning permission if you intend on living in the converted home for a long period. You may also require planning permission if your home is constructed next to a listed building. It is advisable to get in touch with your local planning authority (LPA) to get advice on whether your project requires planning permission before starting your conversion.

Container offices

They can provide a reliable, affordable and eco-friendly office space for your employees. You can use shipping units to extend your existing on-site office space or create standalone relocatable buildings. Container offices can be fitted with electrical outlets, heating systems and air conditioning units to ensure that your employees can complete their work tasks comfortably and efficiently. These offices are typically more cost-effective than renting additional office space and can provide efficient working space to support any business.

As mentioned earlier, planning permission is not usually required for temporary buildings. However, you should confirm this before starting a converted office project. You will also need to ensure that your office complies with the relevant building regulations. For instance, you must demonstrate that the conversion complies with the relevant fire safety requirements. Give us a call if you would like more information on building regulations for conversions.

Container shops/bars

Old units provide an innovative and affordable way for small businesses to create temporary shops and bars. Creating a pop-up structure out of storage units is much cheaper than renting a commercial property. Plus, pop-up shops and bars are on-trend and can be customised to suit your exact style and design preferences. Check out this quirky conversion that we created for Manchester Ice Village. We used three 20ft units to create a trendy alfresco bar to serve drinks at the famous Christmas market. The unit was insulated, serving hatches were installed and the whole exterior of the bar was painted to match the festive theme.

Find out more about conversions

Steel boxes can be used in a wide variety of conversion projects including housing, offices and pop-up shops/bars. If you are considering creating a bespoke container, then it’s best to seek guidance from a professional conversion company. Our team are experts in bespoke conversion projects and will work with you to bring your ideas to life. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of containers, you can have confidence in our ability to find the right unit for your conversion project. Get in touch with our specialist team if you would like to learn more about conversions.

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