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Build Your Own Mobile Escape Room With A Shipping Container

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15th July 2020

Escape rooms are a popular activity that challenges the puzzle-solving skills of a group of people. The escape room is locked upon entry, so to win the escape room you need to solve clues to escape within a set time. With the demand for these innovative games increasing, there is a growing market for businesses to start their own escape room outlet.

Escape rooms don’t need a huge amount of floor space. With some imagination, it’s easy to transform a unit into an entertaining game space. It is common to see escape rooms popping up in old retail units or office blocks, but another solution for an escape room is a converted shipping container.

The Traditional Escape Room

A traditional escape room is a game that challenges players’ mental abilities with a series of clues. The premise of the escape room is that participants enter the room for a set amount of time and must follow clues to work their way out. It is similar to a murder mystery dinner party in that it offers an interactive, live storytelling experience. The only difference is that you are immersed in the story as you are trapped in the escape room for around 60 minutes – or less if you are a good puzzle solver!

Inside the escape room is a series of puzzles and props. Some escape rooms contain smoke machines, atmospheric lighting, and hidden panels – you are only limited by your imagination when designing an escape room!

A Container Escape Room

A shipping container makes for an excellent escape room. They are essentially a large, empty steel unit so the possibilities for converting it into an escape room are endless. No matter what theme or ideas you have for your escape game, you will be able to transform a container into that style of room with a few modifications.

Coffee room inside container

Another benefit to a modular escape room is that it is portable. It’s common to see pop-up gaming experiences appear in town centres and in parks. Having a portable escape room means you can bring the experience to people and take your game all over the country. Additionally, you can hire and transport your escape room to private parties or corporate events.

Why Use A Container?

Shipping containers can be modified to a range of custom specifications, which makes them a perfect fit for escape rooms.

When players step into the room, you want them to feel transported to a new world and completely immersed in the experience. Not only can you repaint the outside to match your business branding, but you can also paint the interior to create a specific décor to suit the theme. Internal fixtures, such as atmospheric lighting or storage space to hide clues, are also easily added to the interior of and can be custom installed to your needs. All containers from S Jones are sold as watertight, so there are no cracks of light that could seep in and shatter the illusion of a locked room.

If security is a concern, then a container can give you peace of mind that the contents are safely stored inside. Escape rooms can contain historical props or custom-built items that can be expensive to replace. A convert is highly secure and robust, reducing the likelihood of anyone tampering with the escape room when it’s not in use. To protect from break-ins, we recommend using a CISA Security Padlock alongside our patented Contain-a-Lock® Padlock Protector & Lock for optimal security. This heightened security will make it difficult for unauthorised entry and protect the items inside from theft. 

The Conversion Process

Converting is always easier when preparation is done in advance. For an escape room conversion, consider how players will win the game and escape, and their journey to that endpoint. If you imagine players unlocking doors to different areas, think about adding wall partitions, hatches and personnel doors for players to work their way through. Also think about where you will need an electric supply in the escape room, such as for lighting, a countdown timer or electronic puzzles. Getting a CAD designer to draw a plan will help you visualise the final look and ensure the final product is exactly how you pictured it.

CAD of Container Interior

Once you have planned the room layout, you need to think about modification. You might want to swap the large standard cargo doors for a personnel door to improve aesthetics.

If you need to decorate the inside, a plywood lining provides a smooth surface that masks the steel sides. Alternatively, if your game focuses on a military or industrial theme, you may just want to keep the corrugated steel walls and simply repaint the inside colour to suit the theme.

No matter what you have in mind, the easiest way to convert it to a high specification is with the help of a conversion team. At S Jones, we’re no stranger to creative projects. Our in-house experts will certainly find an innovative solution to create your bespoke escape room no matter what your requirements are.

Escape Containers From S Jones

If your business is interested in creating a commercial escape room and would like to use a container then get in touch with our conversions team. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we are more than happy to give guidance and advice on how to make the most of your conversion.

We have carried out a number of conversions for businesses over the years, so we have plenty of experience in transforming units into something exciting. So let S Jones provide you with the right solution for your container needs. Whether it be for hire, sale and conversion we have got one to suit every budget and situation!

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