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Creating Containers for the Oil Industry

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18th August 2020

Oil is an important commodity in the world today and means big business. There is a strong necessity for oil and we see companies doing everything possible to find and extract as much oil as they can. The places in the world that are rich in oil are often those that suffer extremes in temperature, and are often less accessible, and this can be challenging for these oil companies’ workforces.

Working in the oil industry, therefore, often means working away from home, in inhospitable conditions. However, one way that the experience can be improved is by using converted shipping containers.

Conversions are an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to solve numerous potential issues for oil companies who are out in remote locations.

The Characteristics of a Shipping Container

One of the best things about shipping containers is that they can be adapted in numerous ways to make them fit your own specific criteria.In its traditional form, these are metal boxes that can be stacked, joined together, decorated, have doors, windows, hatches, and storage put in, and made hospitable for people if required. They have been designed to be weatherproof and are extremely robust and durable.

All of these aspects mean that these units can be many things to many people, and extremely useful for the oil industry.


They are made to be moved around, loaded, and unloaded from boats, trains, and trucks. All that is required is a solid base for it to be placed on, meaning that it can be moved easily from site to site, and allowing it to be kept in position for as long as is needed. This means that it is a highly cost-effective long-term solution for a number of challenges in the oil industry.


Storage is often an issue, especially when you are in a remote location, and shipping units have been used for safe and secure storage for years. You can buy in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10ft to 40ft, as well as with extra height.

It is a great option for storage as it is robust and will protect its contents. It can also be locked using durable and heavy-duty locks to help protect its cargo from vandals and thieves.

It can also be professionally painted to match your company’s branding or to allow it to be identified easily.

Shipping containers are made from metal and are, therefore, fireproof and able to protect their contents from extreme weather.


Creating modular housing is proving to be rising in popularity in everyday society, but they are also a great option for housing employees when they are staying out on location. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology can be used to design and visualise a comfortable and effective home, fitted with all the mod cons that you need.

A container home can be fitted with windows and doors, electricity and lighting, bathrooms with running water, kitchens, insulating lining, and can be painted and decorated professionally to really make your staff feel at home.

And of course, when you have finished, it can be picked up and moved to the next site.

Office Space

Another necessity that many oil companies have when they are out on site is for offices or conference space. In a similar way to housing, a conversion can be the perfect solution.

Our offices can be fitted with electricity, kitchens and bathrooms, storage, shelving, and your company’s branding. They can also be fitted with ramps for wheelchair access and can be securely locked.

There are many ways that the oil industry can make use of shipping containers, from basic storage to temporary homes and offices. They are cost-effective, portable, and a great way to help the environment.

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