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Everything You Need To Know About CSC Plates

A CSC plate is placed on every ISO container at the time of manufacture. The CSC plate is a standardised, small metal plate that is fixed to the doors and shows whether the unit is permitted for international export. 

The plate has an expiry date (5 years from the date of manufacture for single trip units), so needs to be periodically updated and checked by an industry professional when this date arrives. 

The recertification process itself requires a detailed inspection of the container, specifically looking at its structural integrity, which includes looking underneath it. This should always be performed by industry professionals such as our very own Depot Team, who if needed, will need to lift your box in order to adequately inspect it. 

What Is A CSC Plate?

The CSC plate shows that the unit has passed tests to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for capacity, weight, and resistance to the regular loading and unloading of cargo with forklift trucks.

It also includes information such as:

  • The words “CSC SAFETY APPROVAL” placed prominently in the middle of the plate
  • The unit number
  • The manufacture date
  • The country of approval and reference number
  • Allowable stacking weight
  • Racking test
  • ACEP number

Each unit is thoroughly inspected and approved to be safe for use for a set period of time. Once the time period has finished, the box will need an updated CSC plate with a new expiry date. The owner of the unit is responsible for keeping the CSC plate up to date.

What Was The Container Safety Convention?

There was a swift increase in the use of cargo units during the 1960s. Because of this, the United Nations and International Maritime Organization oversaw a study into their safety measures. This led to the creation of the 1972 Convention for Safe Containers.

The convention was put in place to maintain high safety levels, and provide uniform international safety regulations for the transportation of units. Countries across the world abide by this convention, and in doing so are able to move boxes fitted with an up-to-date CSC plate internationally.

Are They Compulsory?

Whether the CSC plate is compulsory or not depends on what you are using your unit for. If you are planning on exporting goods, then a CSC plate is compulsory. You will not be able to ship any items in a unit that does not have an up-to-date CSC plate, so for import and export it’s vital you keep your CSC plates up to date. However, it is worth noting that a CSC plate is only valid if the unit hasn’t been damaged and remains in good condition after each shipment.

There are some units that cannot be repaired as they are at the end of their shipping life. Being unable to repair and meet the approved CSC standards means the unit will not be issued with a CSC plate, deeming it unsuitable for transporting goods. These can however serve as excellent storage solutions for businesses.

Why Buy Or Rent CSC Approved?

Buying a CSC approved unit guarantees that your purchase meets the standardised safety measures to ship goods. Every box with a CSC plate has to be regularly checked by an approved professional body. This certification shows that your storage box has no holes, tears or other damages in the flooring, walls or roof, the doors close properly, and the unit is watertight. A CSC plate gives you peace of mind that the unit is up to scratch for shipping and is approved as safe for use.

CSC Approved Units From S Jones

S Jones Containers are leading experts in the shipping container industry. We sell and hire both used and new (single-trip) steel shipping containers to a wide range of industries. The containers we supply are highly secure and manufactured to International Standards Organisation standards for quality.

Any one trip ISO unit we provide comes with a valid CSC Plate, so they are ready to be shipped when needed. Second-hand units may need inspection and re‐certification to renew the CSC plate, however, our experienced team can easily arrange this for your used purchase. If you’re interested in a unit that meets CSC requirements, please get in touch with one of our experts.

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