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Shipping Container Ideas

Shipping containers are known for their strength, security, versatility, and durability, making them the perfect basis for many applications.

Not only are they more cost-effective than traditional bricks and mortar buildings, but a converted container offers full flexibility in terms of design and functionality. A shipping container conversion project is only limited by your imagination! Here are some of our favourite ideas for shipping container conversions.

Container Offices

There are plenty of inspirational office design ideas online, but have you considered converting a shipping container for your office space?

There are a number of benefits to using a converted container as an office. Firstly, a container is essentially an empty steel box so you can customise the unit to suit your exact needs. Windows and personnel doors can be installed for lighting and accessibility. Interior lining can be added using ply board or melamine, plus electrics can be added so you can use lighting, Wi-Fi routers, and computers inside the unit. Container offices are also much more cost-effective than a permanent building. Paying rent for an office space is costly and will drive up the total cost of running your business, and buying a permanent building often isn’t an option for smaller businesses or those with unpredictable cash flow. A container conversion is a much cheaper way to create physical office space for your work.

Sheds and Outdoor Buildings

Shipping containers can make a good alternative to a wood or brick outdoor building, like a shed or bird hide. Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, for example, have a converted container bird hide on site which has been transformed with specialist paint to blend into the surrounding area, and a number of user-friendly fixtures, such as a disabled access personnel door, footrests and stools, and a canopy roof accessory, so visitors can enjoy watching wildlife from inside the container peacefully.

Containers are designed to transport goods in all weathers, so are wind and watertight making them suitable for storage or to use as a sheltered space for visitors. They are also strong and secure which ensures any valuable goods, such as garden equipment or tools, are kept safe inside.

However, if accessibility to the site is difficult, such as in a residential area with overhead telephone wires, then it’s unlikely you will be able to have a converted container in your garden. In these situations, we would recommend a flat-pack container for use as a shed.

Our general purpose flat-pack storage units are simple to build, easy to relocate, and don’t need any special tools or equipment for construction. They can easily be delivered to locations where access is hard, such as in gardens or through alleys, as they are dismantled into flat pieces for transporting.

Container Workshops

Another idea for a shipping container conversion is to transform it into a workshop. If you are thinking about adding a workshop to your property or workplace, a  container workshop could be a cost-effective alternative to a bricks and mortar structure.

It goes without saying that every workshop has different requirements, so when considering the design of a workshop it’s important to consider how the space will be used.

A shipping container can be used as the ‘shell’ of your workshop, allowing design flexibility when converting a unit into a workshop. Windows, ventilation or extractor fans, and doors can be installed to improve accessibility and make the container comfortable to work inside. Additionally, electrics can be installed to enable power tool use and lighting to be fitted inside the unit. Silverdale Enterprise Centre, in Newcastle under Lyme, is part of Staffordshire County Council’s network of ‘easy-let’ office and workshop accommodation locations. Silverdale Enterprise Centre installed twelve bespoke workshop/retail units, built from converted 40ft containers from S Jones. The containers were modified with electrics, interior lining, roller shutters and French doors to create functional workshops for a range of business types.

How to Convert Shipping Containers

Converting a shipping container with bespoke modifications is the best way to ensure your container is fit for your intended purpose.

Our expert conversion team has years of experience in converting shipping containers. S Jones can manufacture and deliver fully insulated, furnished containers wherever your business needs them.

Our knowledgeable team will work to your bespoke specifications to deliver your exact requirements for your contained unit. It’s important to think about the day to day use of your converted container in order to create a functional space. Advanced planning will help decide the best placement for fixtures such as windows, ventilation or extractor fans, and doors. It will also give you an idea of how much space any equipment will need. S Jones can also provide custom designs and floor plans using our in-house CAD capabilities. If you’re interested in a converted shipping container, please speak to our experienced team who can recommend the best solution for your needs.

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