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Shipping Containers for Railway Stores

Whether it is machinery, parts of trains, disused parts, or parts that are still waiting to be used, there is always a need for somewhere that certain objects can be stored in the railway industry. There are some objects that can be small and others that can be very large, so it is imperative that a suitable container can be found that can protect its contents adequately, as well as satisfy some other criteria.

A railway store, for example, needs to be able to withstand all weather conditions, be accessible both to store the objects and for personnel to get in safely, be securely locked, of adequate size, and it needs to be organised and easy to use.

Using a Shipping Container for Railway Stores

A converted shipping container lends itself perfectly to being used for railways stores. It can be the ideal size, robust and durable, and be completely adapted to incorporate all of the other requirements that you might have.

Weather Conditions

When you buy a container, you will get one that has been used either once or many times to transport cargo around the world. They have been designed and constructed to withstand the extremes of temperature and harsh weather conditions that are common when at sea. This means that standing beside the railway in the unwelcoming British weather will seem like a breeze.

They are made from a metal frame with metal sides, ceiling and floor – which can be reinforced if necessary – making them robust and durable and able to protect their contents well.


You have a choice of sizes when it comes to choosing a storage unit. The three most common sizes are:

  • 10ft (560ft³) and extra high version (630ft³)
  • 20ft (1160ft³) and extra high version (1310ft³)
  • 40ft (2360ft³) and extra high version (2660ft³)

You should bear in mind that you can also join your units together to create a bigger space if needed.

Other Adaptations

There are many other ways that you can customise your unit. If you are planning on using it as a railway store, here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Add secure locking systems to help ensure that thieves and vandals cannot get access to its contents. Heavy-duty padlocks are advisable and durable padlock covers can also be used as a deterrent, as well as for added security
  • Include personnel doors for easy access when storing smaller objects
  • Add ramps for easier loading and unloading
  • Consider adding electricity or lighting if you need to be able to see well inside the railway store
  • Think about adding racking for easy and organised storage of smaller items

Space beside the railway track is often prime advertising space, allowing potentially thousands of people past each day. You can also use professional painters to add paint or vinyl wrap, keeping them in line with your overall look, or take advantage of its visibility by decorating it with your company branding.

Using a converted unit as your railway store is the ideal solution as it is perfectly fit to both protect its contents and be flexible enough to carry out all of your other needs. It can be adapted as much or as little as you like and can ensure that all of your items are safe and well looked after.

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