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The Process Behind Creating A Personalised Container

There is an infinite number of ways that people are using converted shipping containers. From creating modular classrooms to lithium battery storage to modular homes, bars and cafés, to exhibition units, the list is endless…

A shipping container is essentially a strong metal box that can be customised and built to create the space that you require.

To get your perfectly personalised unit, however, there is a process that you need to go through. Here, we will take you through that process step-by-step from the seed of an idea through to when the finished article is delivered.

The Idea

Most people have an idea of what they are after when they are looking to convert a shipping container. It might be that they have a small idea of what they want, or they know exactly what they want. A design team can help to talk through your ideas, wants and needs to come up with the best solution for you.

You will need to consider aspects such as:

  • Where you are going to put it – it will require a solid base (usually concrete) to stand on and it will need to be delivered
  • The size that you require – there are a range of sizes available, and you can also stack on top of each other, or attach them side-by-side
  • What other functions you will need to have – based on what you are expecting to use it for
  • Whether you want to use a once used (known as ‘new’) or a second-hand or ‘used’ unit

The Design

The next step in the process is to sit down with the design team, who will be able to help you convert your idea into a design that works, both in terms of what you want and what is structurally possible.

The design team can use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) technology that can help in the design, as well as give you a 3D image that can help you to visualise how it will look.

Some of the other features that you might wish to incorporate in your design include:

  • The addition of an insulating lining
  • Solutions to control humidity
  • Adding shelving or racking
  • Where you want to place any windows and doors
  • Whether you need electricity, lighting and where to put it
  • Whether you need water and where to put it
  • What the best locking system is for you and your needs
  • Whether you require ramps for taking heavy items in and out, or for wheelchair access

You will also have the option of having your unit professionally decorated. This could mean basic decorating to intricate, wild designs and it can also incorporate your company branding if you want.

The Manufacture

Once you have come up with a detailed design, you can sit back, relax, and wait whilst the magic happens. You can, of course, check up on the progress to see how it is developing, whenever you wish.

The process of bespoke customisation is carried out in our factory and it will be delivered to the site almost ready to go.

The Delivery

When your unit is delivered, it comes on a lorry and is usually unloaded from the side. You will need to have access to the prepared area from the road, but if there are any potential difficulties with delivery, then you should speak to our team.

Once it is delivered and connected up, you’re ready to go and can begin to enjoy being eco-friendly, creative, and start using your personalised shipping container in the way that you intended.

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