Flat-pack Cabin and Kiosk Units

Portable, robust cabins and kiosks that are the perfect solution to add or extend to your work space.


Versatile, bespoke office units

Our fully stackable cabin and kiosk units provide secure storage options to those looking for a smaller structure to install on site and work from.

Manufactured using fully galvanised steel, the cabin and kiosk body units do not rust and are powder coated painted in RAL 6005 (Green). These flat-pack units feature large windows that keep the cabins feeling airy and spacious, offering an overall more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Thanks to their flat-pack design, these cabins can be transported in single sheets from delivery truck to the required location by manpower alone. This means that they are ideal even for the most challenging-to-reach places.

Why Choose Flat-Pack Cabins?

Flat-Pack Delivery

Our cabin and kiosks units are delivered as flat-pack panels and are extremely simple to build. They can be assembled in less than one hour, even in areas that are difficult to access.

Strong and Secure

The units are highly secure, and feature a double locking system as well as a strong, standard galvanized body.

Versatile and Transportable

The units can be easily taken down and moved to alternative locations without compromise to the structure.

CE Marked with 5 Year Guarantee

All cabin and kiosk units come with an approved CE mark and a five-year guarantee.


Features and Benefits

  • Since all of our cabins are made from high quality galvanised steel, they will not rust or leak. Indeed, all of our cabins are finished to A1 grade quality, meaning that they are both watertight and windproof.
  • The easy-assembly flatpack design allows you to create office, storage or other spaces in areas which are difficult to access by heavy vehicle
  • Since they are built to be portable, all of our flatpack cabin units can be taken apart and reassembled multiple times with no damage to the structural integrity of the kiosk/cabin.
  • Our cabins are specifically designed to be reliable and to protect your equipment, so they are all finished with secure locking systems.
  • These units are stackable, meaning that you have greater versatility over where and how they are located.
  • With the use of only the instruction manual, the relevant nuts and bolts, and a bit of manpower, these cabins can be unloaded and assembled within an hour of delivery.

Flat-pack Cabin and Kiosk Unit Technical Data

Feature 2×2 metres 2×3 metres 2×4 metres
External Finish Powder coated painted in RAL 6005 (Green) – Other colours from the standard RAL range are available upon request Powder coated painted in RAL 6005 (Green) – Other colours from the standard RAL range are available upon request Powder coated painted in RAL 6005 (Green) – Other colours from the standard RAL range are available upon request
Length (approx.) 2250mm 3300mm 4375mm
Width (approx.) 2400mm 2400mm 2400mm
Height flat-packed (approx.) 500mm 500mm 500mm
Height assembled (approx.) 2350mm 2350mm 2350mm
Weight (approx.) 650mm 830mm 920mm
Door Width (approx.) 900mm 900mm 900mm

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30th Jun 2021

Having never ordered a shipping container before Scott couldn't be more helpful…or patient! The ordering process was easy, even for me and the communications were first class. Charlotte was very attentive and professional when it came to confirming delivery details. The container arrived as expected, when expected. The entire process from quote to delivery was flawless. Our newly painted container now proudly sits, waiting to be loaded! Thank you all.

30th Jun 2021

The staff at S Jones containers are extremely efficient, friendly and helpful. We have ordered a number of containers from them and on every occasion their service has been excellent. Their containers are competitively priced and the quality of the conversion into self storage units if of high quality

14th Jun 2021

Friendly and helpful service , despite us being new customers and only every likely to place one order with them.

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