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What is a Shipping Container?

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If you need to transport items across a long distance, then buying a container is an ideal solution. Also commonly referred to as a freight containersea container

or storage container, these containers not only offer plenty of storage space; it’s also durable enough to protect your items as they’re moved from place to place, or withstand the elements in situ.

What’s convenient about a shipping container is that you can safely lock your items inside and ensure they aren’t interfered with during their journey.

The freight –  the items you’re sending – won’t be directly handled by middlemen. This provides additional peace of mind, especially when you’re sending products for commercial purposes that need to arrive in perfect condition.Read on to learn more about shipping containers, including their history, their uses, and the sizes of containers available. You’ll soon have a clearer idea regarding whether a shipping container could be useful for you or your business.

Blue 20ft Shipping Container With Open Doors

Shipping Containers Explained

Most shipping containers are made of steel, which is corrugated to improve its strength, and offer stackable capabilities. A hinged door is used to gain access to the container, without compromising on durability. Of course, each container is also made watertight to ensure that no items are damaged as a result of damp. The obvious use for a shipping container is to transport cargo; however, in recent times they’ve been altered and used for all kinds of unconventional purposes, such as exhibition stands, pop-up bars and more!

You may notice some shipping containers described as “ISO,” which stands for International Standards Organisation. An ISO container is any type of shipping container which is designed, manufactured, tested and certified to the standards of the International Standards Organisation in terms of size, strength, and durability. Look for this certification to ensure you choose a quality shipping container.

Who Invented Shipping Containers?

The invention of the shipping container transformed world trade. It was invented in its current form by Keith Tantlinger, replacing the barrels and crates that were previously used to ship items. This invention had a huge impact: it made shipping a viable business and made it possible to ship items safely and efficiently around the world.

Shipping containers are now used universally, and they’ve helped to make shipping more affordable. For this reason, Keith Tantlinger has also been credited with accelerating the process of globalization!

Grey Containers Suspended on Red Platform

Where Do Shipping Containers Come From?

According to recent estimates, there are approximately 23 million shipping containers in use today. But where do they all come from? Most shipping containers are actually made in China. Over 85% of the world’s shipping containers are manufactured there, where the 10 largest shipping container manufacturers are based.

What Sizes Are Available?

People generally choose their shipping container based on the size of the items they plan to transport. You may find it useful to shop around and find out which sizes are available from different providers and what price is charged for each. Our range includes 3 standard container options at 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft, with high-cube counterparts in the same sizes available. For more bespoke

If you’re shipping something tall, or need additional storage space with the same floor-plan, a High Cube container can comfortably accommodate larger items. These containers are 12 inches taller than the typical shipping container. For instance, a 40ft High Cube container has an extra 344 cubic feet of storage space compared to the regular option – significant space that can prove useful for a variety of applications.

Container yard during sundown

Is a Container Right For Me?

If you or your business needs to ship or store items in bulk, a CSC plated container is the right way to go. However, you may choose to use a shipping container for other purposes, With our container conversion potential, we can modify standard shipping and storage containers bespoke to your application.

If you would like to learn more about shipping containers, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly sales team, or check-out our complete guide to buying a shipping container.

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